28 November 2015

Shadow of the Xel'Naga Released!

Chapter 1: Semi-open world and drivable vehicles
I started this project in summer 2010, and now, 5,5 years later, the moment of release is finally here! See below on how to play it. I don't really know what else to say^^.

Chapter 2: Inventory system and Multiple choice dialogues
StarCraft II: Shadow of the Xel'Naga is a custom campaign for StarCraft II. All 7 maps were released on November 27th, 2015. Each map is unique and based on a different sub-genre of strategy games. Additionally the campaign offers co-operative gameplay.

The story is based on the StarCraft novel Shadow of the Xel'Naga, written by Gabriel Mesta. The action revolves around a colony planet called Bhekar Ro, where one of the frequent and very violent storms uncovers an ancient Xel'Naga artifact.

Key Features

Chapter 5: Stealth gameplay with realistic vision cones
  • Highly varied gameplay: Each of the 7 maps is based on a different genre, and the maps themselves offer varied gameplay with multiple types of objectives, units, and abilities
  • The action revolves around a colony planet called Bhekar Ro, where one of the frequent and very violent storms uncovers an ancient xel'naga artifact. This temple calls both, the zerg and the protoss, while the colonists call the Terran Dominion for help
  • High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets: sounds, models, textures, loading screens and more
  • Playable in single-player or two-player co-operative mode on four difficulty levels
  • Free to play for everyone on the StarCraft II Arcade

How To Play

Anyone who owns the free StarCraft II Starter Edition can play any map of the campaign. Simply start StarCraft II, go to the Arcade tab, type in "Shadow of the Xel'Naga" or "sotx" in the search tab and you can select any of the 7 maps to create a new game. It is recommended that you start with "Chapter 1: Welcome to Bhekar Ro".

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Additional Videos and Screenshots

19 November 2015

Shadow of the Xel'Naga Release Date

The long journey is coming to an end. Over the past two months I have been revamping all aspects of the campaign. I've fixed bugs, added new features, improved the level design, cinematics, balance, added features from the recently released Legacy of the Void, and much more.

I've also been getting very good feedback from my testers. All of them have earned their spot in the credits that appear at the end of the campaign.

Despite the mere 7 maps this is the biggest mod-project I have ever created. The campaign features a story based on the novel Shadow of the Xel'Naga by Gabriel Mesta. It features single-player as well as a two player co-op mode. Each map has unique gameplay with  open-world action, puzzles, MOBA gameplay, Tower Defense, stealth mechanics, dungeon crawler, and base-building.

All maps will be published on November 27th*, and can be played by everyone, on the free Battle.net Arcade.

*I am still testing all maps and the date can be pushed back if I find game-breaking bugs.

25 October 2015

Shadow of the Xel'Naga Betatest started

After more than 5 years this campaign is ready for public testing :)

I've created threads on several websites to invite people to playtest my campaign. Please visit one of these threads for detailed information about the test:
inStarcraft.de (german)

My buddy Eredalis has also been kind enough to write a news article about the test on the website inStarcraft.de.

04 October 2015

Status of Shadow of the Xel'Naga

A bit more than two weeks ago I finished work on chapter 7 of my Starcraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. You can find some screenshots and a gameplay video below if you want to spoil yourself. If you want additional screenshots and information you can find it on my portfolio website.

Chapter 7 is a classic base-building mission that fully utilized the SCMR mod that enhances the Starcraft 2 experience with classic Starcraft 1: Brood war units and abilities.

So what now? The campaign isn't finished yet. Because many maps are several years old a lot of features and fixes are missing from those maps. I decided to hold back the release until all maps are updated and on a similar level of quality. You can look at it like a day-one-patch as is common with current video games. In terms of scale the update will be similar to the recent updates for my Warcraft 3 campaigns Lord of the Clans and Day of the Dragon, which took about a month to finish.

I've already updated chapters 1-3. The changes include mostly UI improvements and bugfixing. Chapter 1 also has some minor gameplay improvements while about 20% of the level design of Chapter 3 was revamped.

Chapters 4-7 will probably not to need as many changes and I fully expect to be finished with this phase before the release of Legacy of the Void on November 10th. When Legacy of the Void is released I'll need to test the co-op mode, possibly as a closed beta test. I think this phase will not take more than two weeks. I expect to release the campaign sometime late November/early December.

04 September 2015

Shadow of the Xel'Naga - Chapter 7 progress

The two player bases are now seperate to get the players out of their comfort zone until they capture the zerg expansion. I improved the terrain spacing and Zerg and Protoss won't engage each other except during scripted skirmishes. The is more gimmicky now: I added an ability for both players to call small nukes (almost) anywhere on the battlefield at any time at the cost of energy.

Due to some issues with how the story plays out in the novel I was on the verge of changing the gameplay of Chapter 7 again to accomodate the story. In the end I decided not to do it because, quite honestly, I have become exhausted of all these reiterations. I decided to stop all gameplay changes (except for more balancing and bug fixing). The map layout looks as in the picture below.
Chapter 7 Map Overview

Talking about iterations I'd like to show you some pictures of the Alien Artifact/Xel'Naga Temple, and how it changed with almost every map it appears in.

The first Temple is from Chapter 1 (with some updated texture work to ad more contrast). Here it's basically just a hole in the ground. I added Rich Mineral Fields to indicate that they appeared when all these Xel'Naga Temples appeared, as Blizzard never really explained them lore-wise.
Chapter 1
The next Temple is from Chapter 2. The hole is a little bit bigger now as some sort of boss fight is supposed to happen there. You can also see the old textures (more red than black).
Chapter 2
The screenshot of Chapter 5 shows a very different Temple and area. I wanted to create something that was closer the the description in the book. I also knew I would need more space for Chapter 7.
Chapter 5
Chapter 7 includes the current design of the Temple. I replaced the Rich Minerals with Huge Crystals that look more like the Khaydarin Crystals as described in the book. For gameplay reasons I also had to add more space and more entrances. The red buildings are placeholders.
Chapter 7
Naturally I'll go back to the previous maps and add the newst iteration, although it will probably receive some additional texture work for those maps as it's not supposed to be a war zone before Chapter 7.

14 August 2015

Started work on SotX Chapter 7

A couple of months ago I finished the script for the final chapter of my StarCraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. I had to tend to some real-life stuff soon after but some days ago I started with the production of this map.

Chapter 7 is divided into two parts. The first part is about defending a position for a fixed amount of time. After that the objective is to "destroy everything". It's pretty straightforward and pretty simple compared to the previous chapters but I think it's good for several reasons: SC2 and HOTS have way too many missions with time pressure so I enjoyed missions like Maw of the Void more than usual. All other chapters in my campaign don't really have any base building, except for Chapter 4 but that's only tower defense with limited resource management and you can only place your towers at specific locations. I think a "destroy everything" mission is always a good way to finish a campaign, giving the player the opportunity to chose his own approach. Although, additional playtesting  may reveal that changes may be required to make it more fun.

Unlike previous maps in the campaign I don't have to deal with the time-consuming data editor. Instead this map relies heavily on the SCMR mod which turns the Starcraft 2 tech tree into the Starcraft: Broodwar tech tree, while also adding models and sound effects based on that game. With the technical barriers being this simple this time around, the map has already reached alpha stage. It is playable from start to finish and already has the four difficulty levels implemented. I aim for apppriximately 50 minutes of playtime (depending on player speed and difficulty level). I still have to work on scripted events for more action and surprises, terrain, transmissions, cinematics, balancing, bugfixing. I also haven't figured out how to deal with the players losing their bases yet. All previous maps can't be lost; but have some sort of custom checkpoint.

I will be on vacation from August 20th to 25th but I think I can do a lot of stuff until then (and after). I don't have any obligations until end -September so I'm sure this mission will be finished before then. Afterwards I'll have to update all the previous chapters (should take about 3-7 days per map) and then I can publish the entire campaign on Battle.net.

29 June 2015

Day of the Dragon updated!

Version 1.03 for Day of the Dragon is now live. Almost 600 improvements including:
- New and improved hero abilities
- New loading screens, models, skins, icons and music
- Improved cinematics and terrain
- Better balance, improved gameplay
- Bugfixes and more

Get the update and see more screenshots here.

Read the full list of changes:
Update 1.03: 597 fixes

Heroes and spells - 45
- Arcane Master: Changed attack projectile art to Lightning
- Arcane Master: Replaced Spectral Beam with Spectal Bolt. Spectral Bolt has no cast delay and costs less
- Arcane Master: Replaced Arcane Sphere with Green Cloud. Renamed Green Cloud to Astral Cloud
- Arcane Master. Replaced Star Beam with Star Burn. Enemy units hit by Star Burn cannot cast spells, attacks for less damage, and will take damage over time
- Arcane Master: Changed mana cost of Mana Fusion from 15 to 0
- Arcane Master: Amount of mana replenished when using Mana Fusion is now a constant of 100/150/200
- Arcane Master: Hero now loses 50 life every time Mana Fusion is cast
- Elemental Mage: Replaced Shield of Frostbite with Astral Energy. Renamed Astral Energy to Blinding Sand
- Elemental Mage: Replaced Electricity Aura with Electricity Shield. Electricity Shield deals damage to nearby enemy ground units
- Elemental Mage: Replaced Green Cloud with Arcane Sphere. Renamed Arcane Sphere to Frost Sphere
- Elemental Mage: Reduced cooldown of Frost Sphere from 160 to 130 seconds
- Elemental Mage: Increased attack and movement speed of enemies caught in an Frost Sphere from 0% to 10%
- Elemental Mage: Reduced distance of Blaze Wake from 650 to 350
- Elemental Mage: Reduced cooldown of Blaze Wake from 13 to 7 seconds
- Elemental Mage: Reduced mana cost of Blaze Wake from 110 to 90
- Elemental Mage: Blaze Wake can no longer damage neutral or allied units
- Arcane Master and Elemental Mage: Changed hotkeys, effects and icons
- Spirit Priest: Increased damage of Divine Wrath from 35/70/105 to 80/120/160
- Spirit Priest: Decreased cooldown of Divine Wrath from 9 to 7 seconds
- Spirit Priest: Decreased cooldown of Bond from 12 to 10 seconds
- Spirit Priest: Removed some delay when casting Spirit Control or Return to Body
- Spirit Priest: Changed attack projectile art to Faerie Dragon Missile
- Spirit priest: Redemption aura is no longer chance based and no longer returns life. It will redeem a single corpse and return 25/40/55 mana, every 4 seconds
- Spirit Priest: Rhonin can no longer die while possesing a unit. Instead he will return to his original position
- Spirit Priest: Divine Wrath can no longer damage neutral units
- Spirit priest: Spirit Control will change the team color of the controlled unit
- Korialstrasz: Removed timer from Dragon Form ability. Can switch between humanoid and dragon form at will
- Korialstrasz: Added Firebolt when in Dragon Form
- Korialstrasz: Changed hotkey of Dragon Form from R to F
- Korialstrasz: Changed attack projectile to Phoenix Missile
- Korialstrasz: Replaced Life Drain with Summon Spirit Dragon. Spirit Dragons have permanent immolation
- Korialstrast: Can no longer cast Brillance Aura or Entangling Roots in Dragon Form
- Falstad: Removed distance based behaviour of Fear Aura. Damage reduction is now 10/20/30%, chance to miss is now 5/10/15%, and constant distance is now 600
- Falstad: Falstad can now be controlled during Khaz'goroth's Ale
- Falstad: Reduced damage of Khaz'goroth's Ale from 50 to 30
- Falstad: Khaz'goroth's Hammer can now also damage structures
- Falstad: Reduced knockback distance of Power Bash from 350/400/450 to 350/350/350
- Falstad: Knockback will no longer knock enemies into unwalkable terrain
- Falstad: Khaz'goroth's Hammer no longer works on invulnerable units
- Vereesa: Replaced Sleep Arrow with Multishot. Multishot fires several arrows at a target point damaging enemies along their path
- Vereesa: Replaced Starfall with Rain of Arrows. Rain of Arrows showers multiple arrows that damage all enemies in the target region
- Vereesa: Replaced Shadow Strike with Refill Quiver. Refill Quiver will recharge Vereesa's mana over time
- Vereesa: Increased base Intelligence from 15 to 19
- Vereesa: Decreased base Strength from 18 to 16
- Rom: Flashbang can no longer stun structures

Art - 12
- New loading screens
- New model for Drenden by AndrewOverload519
- Ned model for Krasus by Tauer
- New model for Andromath by Stonneash and NFWar
- New model for Modera by loktar
- New model for Dela by loktar
- New model for Eldin by loktar and Deolrin
- New model for Deathwing by Kwaliti
- New model for Demon Soul by Lubbe
- Fiexed shadows for Korialstrasz and all Aspects
- Tent now has team color and a proper build animation by Ujimasa Hojo
- New models from the Ultimate Terraining Map 4.0

Multiple maps - 25
- Removed unnecessary duplicated custom objects
- Removed unnecessary duplicated trigger actions
- Custom data is now stored in the campaign file instead of each map
- Replaced all non-Blizzard music with Blizzard music
- Paula's Wedding ring now boosts Intelligence instead of Agility
- Ring of the Sun no longer renders the Hero invulnerable to magic. Instead it blocks a negative spell once every 5 seconds
- Renamed Dragonmaw Shaman to Dragonmaw Necrolyte
- Added more Runes
- Increased gold bounty awarded by most creeps
- Many enemy players now give gold bounty
- Added at least one more Marketplace
- Set stock of all items in the Marketplace to 2
- Set replenish interval of all items in the Marketplace to 120 seconds
- Set stock start delay of all items in the Marketplace to 0 seconds
- Fixed sound regions
- Increased hit points of Support Column from 50 to 150
- Renamed Tent to Dwarven Tent
- Fixed quest descriptions
- Fixed some typos
- More beautiful terrain
- Vereesa will start with Boots of Quel'Thalas when unable to be restored from game cache
- Added more detailed description to Demon Soul, Krasus' Medallion, Deathwing's Scale and Deathwing's Medallion
- Red Dragons are no logner immune to spells
- Adjusted attack projectile launch position for Korialstrasz and all Aspects
- Added fog

Prologue - 4
- Cut about 25% of dialogue
- Redesigned area around dark portal
- Improved camera movement
- Decreased runtime from about 5,5 minutes to about 4,5 minutes

Chapter 1 - 51
- The initial Krasus hint sequence can now be skipped
- Added feature to playtest any hero class before choosing it
- Changed map layout for the hero class selection area
- Added dialog buttons to either test or choose a hero class
- Increased experience gain at level 1 from 40% to 100%
- Increased level of Black Spiders from 1 to 3
- Increased level of Forest Spiders from 1 to 2
- All units of player 8 (Dalaran) are now invulnerable
- All starting villagers are now invulnerable
- Increased region where the child warns of bandits
- Switched positions of Tome of Intelligence and Scepter of Elementals
- Added a Rune of Speed
- Added multiple Gold Coins
- Replaced the Cloak of Shadows with Gold Coins
- Changed tavern icon, model and name to Marketplace
- Replaced Circlet of Nobility and Periapt of Vitality with Ankh of Reincarnation, Scroll of the Beast, Mana Stone, Health Stone, Potion of Mana, Potion of Healing and Scroll of Speed
- All Bandits now belong to player Neutral Hostile
- The bandit villagers will only be removed if the quest is completed
- Removed player 12 (Bandits)
- Added minimap pings for Bandit Attack quest
- Added leaderboard that displays how many villagers are alive/need to be rescued
- Villagers can now be rescued by all player units
- Rhonin's and Vereesa's starting areas are now connected
- Removed all Rock Chunks
- Replaced Healing Salve with Claws of Attack +6
- Replaced a Forest Troll Berserker with a Forest Troll
- Fixed a bug that turned a footman hostile towards his people
- Reduced life of Forest Troll Berserker from 375 to 350
- Spirit Priest will now start with Divine Wrath
- Removed some doodads at the bandit village to increase maneuverability
- Dragon Light Fire minimap pings will appear more frequently
- Wolves quest can be discovered after encountering the dragon
- Dragon quest will now always start with 37 citizens remaining, regardless if the dragon cinematic was skipped
- Changed map layout at the fire pits
- Fixed some camera movements
- Fixed invulnerability for Footmen in Business Man quest
- Added a main quest update when Vereesa meets Rhonin
- Added a quest update when Vereesa meets Rhonin
- Removed the hint that said Port Hasic is to the east
- The footmen will no longer change facing when getting the Wolf Herd quest
- Added some pathing blockers at the wolves region
- Wolves will react to spells when attacked
- Exclamation mark will appear properly when 8 wolves are killed
- Removed raise and decay of imprisoned villagers
- Wolf Herd quest can now be activated by Rhonin as well as Vereesa
- A hint to complete all optional quests will appear before entering Hasic
- Added transmision not to go south before going to Hasic
- Added music to Dragon cinematic
- Added additional music to Outro cinematic
- Increased experience gain after the Vereesa cinematic from 40% to 50%
- Rhonin and Vereesa wil become invulnerable for the outro cinematic

Chapter 2 - 42
- Repositioned cameras during intro cinematic
- Duncan will use Storm Bolt in the intro cinematic
- Decreased life of Alarms from 20 to 15
- Decreased aquisition range of Orc Frigates from 650 to 550
- Heroes will no longer engage in combat during the Goblin Laboratories cinematic
- Removed and repositioned some destructibles and doodads for space
- Added more space at the ogre patrol routes
- Removed most Orc Frigates
- Added hidden items that can be revealed with the Goblin Laboratories
- Added more space to the blue flames area
- Repositioned a Goblin Laboratory
- Added more Goblin Sappers to the blue flame area
- Reduced life of Orc Burrows from 600 to 400
- When Orc Burrows are destroyed nearby trees are also destroyed
- Ogre patrols will be activated when heroes are near instead of at map initialization
- Repositioned the starting area of the first ogre patrol
- Added a few seconds between patrols
- Added two Watch Towers at the Ogre patrol area
- Cameras will no longer automatically pan back when showing the Mortal Team
- Blue Flame Traps can now only be deactivated by Vereesa or Falstad
- Removed Chain Lightning of Dragonmaw Necrolyte
- Dragon Eggs quest: Removed all pathing blockers
- Dragon Eggs quest: Items can now be picked up even though the evil quest alignment was selected. They will be dropped immediately
- Dragon Eggs quest: Replaced Tome of Strength/Agility with Tome of Strength/Agility +2
- Draggon egg items will appear where Dragon eggs were destroyed
- Placed some gold coins on the map
- Completely redesigned final area. Removed Juggernauts, moving Grunts and hiding spots. Player units will take periodic damage as long as they are in the red zone
- Changed text of Gate2 cinematic to fit redesigned area
- Added more enemies to the redesigned area
- Repositioned a camera in the outro cinematic
- Ihnoring all guard position of ogre patrol units
- Mortar Teams are now hidden during cinematics
- Replaced Elune's Lie with Hammer of Titans
- The Mountain King will no longer be rescued
- Changed experience gain at level 3/4 from 20%/40% to 35%/35%
- Repositioned a frog
- Removed two rescuable riflemen
- The Goblin Laboratories can now only be activated by Falstad or Vereesa
- Falstad and Vereesa will become invulnerable for the outro cinematic
- Falstad and Vereesa will appear on the score screen
- The blocking tree line is destroyed if the Mortar Team dies
- The rescued dwarves will no longer accompany the player after opening the gate

Chapter 3 - 46
- Replaced Hammer of Titans with Elune's Lie
- Removed many trees at the starting area
- Removed all Slow abilities of Sludges
- Replaced a Giant Wolf with a Dire Wolf
- Chest of Gold items are now dropped by a Dire Wolf and a Bandit Lord instead of Tents
- Removed all empty cage doodads
- Changed owner of all all non-aggressive orc structures to Neutral Passive
- Cleared first orc camp of many doodads and blocking terrain
- Changed transmission "...not that way." to "...to the north."
- Removed some blocking doodads at the zeppelin area
- Repositioned northern turtle
- Added more space at the southeast turtle area
- Removed arrows on terrain
- Added vision and minimap pings for Turtles quest
- Reduced amount of text for Turtles quest
- Added vision on main base for Steam Tank quest
- Can no longer fly with zeppelin around. The Dwarf Base 3 cinematic will play immediately
- Removed all air blockers
- Cinematics will no longer be triggered by summoned units
- Removed a crate with Healing Salve
- An exclamation point will be created on Dr. Moreau when all 3 Talismans are collected
- A transmission will play when all 3 Talismans are collected
- Replaced Demolishers with Catapults
- Zeppelin now costs 50 gold and 150 lumber
- Zeppeling gold and lumber items are now invulnerable
- Removed "Check their tents." transmission
- Replaced the Bronze Dragon with a level 10 Blademaster
- Orc buildings will now properly train units
- Removed unneccessary destructible rocks
- Removed last Spider Silk Broach item
- Replaced a Stronghold with a Great Hall
- Redesigned last orc base
- Pulling the lever will now provide access to the Marketplace instead of the orc base Marketplace
- Added gold coins to the starting area
- Removed almost all items inside crates from the final orc base
- Reduced hit points of Orc Shipyard from 1200 to 800
- Added rescuable dwarves to the final area
- The Talismans Leaderboard is now properly destroyed
- Second transport ship will be invulnerable. Removed tranmission about it
- Replaced Scrolls of Healing/Mana with Runes of Healing/Mana at the last crates
- Added indestructible gates at the second ship that need to be opened via switches
- Repositioned an Enraged Jungle Stalker
- Replaced the Advanced Boulder Towers in the last orc base with Watch Towers
- Vereesa and Falstad will appear at the score screen when the outro cinematic is skipped
- No longer disabling user control while talking to Dr. Moreau
- Removed second Devour sound in the outro cinematic

Interlude - 4
- Renamed Subtitle from Interludium to Interlude
- Reduced map bounds
- Added tracks from World of Warcraft
- Improved camera movement

Chapter 4 - 110
- Changed experience gain from 25%/50% to 50/33% at level 3/4
- Set race of Player 12 (Deathwing's Minions) from Undead to Orc
- Increased scale of Circle of Power from 0.67 to 1.0
- Fixed region scale on all Circles of Power
- Changed object type of Fence from unit to destructible
- Changed tinting color of Fence from 255 to 100
- Renamed Pit to Fire Pit
- Removed Final Fantasy sound
- Rhonin's items are removed at game start and restored at Chapter 7
- Removed many wait times during dialogues
- Reduced cooldown of Hurl Boulder from 8 to 6 seconds
- Reduced time of stun for Hurl Boulder from 0.5 to 0.01 seconds
- Removed all useless destructible doodads
- Will play sound "ItemReceived" whenever a quest item is created in Rhonin's inventory
- Reduced amount of experience granted by Tomes of Experience from 100 to 75
- Added 7 more Tomes of Experience
- Moved Tomes of Experience to better hidden areas
- Added option to cancel most dialogs
- Items that used to be created on the ground will are now created inside Rhonin's inventory
- Cut down or removed many transmissions
- Added many new exclamation marks on units
- Cril Chobley's House Key is now removed when completing the map
- First Island: Hint now says "Rhonin has no ranged attack" instead of "Rhonin can't fight"
- First Island: Renamed Specials Books to Blue/Red/Golden Book
- First Island: Renamed Map to Special Book Map
- First Island: Removed tree at starting area
- First Island: Changed hint about X and a single tree
- First Island: Frogs will move to the foot switches when attacked
- First Island: The Net item and Rock Chunks are removed when the prison is opened
- First Island: The Boulder items will no longer be removed
- First Island: Replaced the Sell Boulder task with a bunch of Rock Chunks
- First Island: Rhonin now has to manually step on the switch
- First Island: Changed Snow weather effect to Rays of Light
- First Island: Removed the Greedy Peon task
- First Island: Bolvir and Volbir will give Rhonin the Golden Book
- First Island: Can no longer trigger the Lazy Peon transmission when the peon is already awake
- First Island: Removed two bookshelves
- First Island: Added good job sound effect when placing a special book
- First Island: Added a ramp to the right side of the bookshelf area
- First Island: Replaced a Ruined Tree with Rock Chunks
- First Island: Added visibility to rune regions
- First Island: Added visual hints to the rune puzzle
- First Island: Rhonin will say that he stepped on the wrong rune even before completing the sequence
- First Island: Can no longer talk about ill orc greedy orc if they are fixed
- First Island: The shovel hint transmission will no longer be played if the player already has found the shovel
- First Island: Decreased the fade time when using the Shovel
- First Island: The force bridge will be destroyed when Rhonin enters the second island
- First Island: Visibility from the Goblin Bouncer will be denied when Rhonin enters the second island
- Second Island: Removed wait time when the Tinker catches Rhonin
- Second Island: Removed the farmer task
- Second Island: Lumber task will now give 1 gold coin instead of a boatdcard (lumber)
- Second Island: Lumber task no longer requires Rhonin to sell the lumber
- Second Island: Lumber task no longer requires to tell the Tinker
- Second Island: Orc Slaves will start harvesting when Rhonin enters the second island, and not at map initialization
- Second Island: Removed fade and wait time when trying to enter Cril's House without a key
- Second Island: The hint to check the houses will come if not all houses have been checked
- Second Island: The pig task can now be completed before talking to the peons or the Goblin Shipmaster
- Second Island: The riddler task can now be completed before talking to the Goblin Shipmaster
- Second Island: Added a visual aid to the Pig fence
- Second Island: Increased scale of fish from 1.2 to 3.0
- Second Island: Removed hiding of fish
- Second Island: Added visibility modifier for fish
- Second Island: Fish can now be caught and return before getting the fish task
- Second Island: Added visual aides to all task givers
- Second Island: Can no longer choose dialog options multiple times
- Second Island: Improved description of Bundle of Lumber
- Second Island: Removed a Goblin Hut
- Second Island: Will skip Goblin Shredder's question if player wants to play his game after the first time
- Second Island: Increased region where the Tinker can catch Rhonin
- Second Island: Renamed Full Vial to Special Love Potion and changed transmission text
- Second Island: Removed cinematic when leaving for the third island
- Second Island: Added an item that allows reseting the Robo-Goblin to its original position
- Second Island:  Redesigned area to be smaller
- Murder quest: Shared vision of Drog and the Goblin Bouncer with player for as long as the Murder quest is active
- Murder quest: Repositioned the houses to the south
- Murder quest: Removed task to bring Wrench to second police station
- Murder quest: Removed task to ask Police Station about suspects
- Third Island: Can now freely return to the second island
- Third Island: The Murder quest will no longer be marked as failed when entering the third island prematurely
- Third Island: Removed second hint about Log
- Third Island: Added a hint that the player can always return to the second island
- Third Island: Replaced Mushrooms with Glowing Runes
- Third Island: Can complete the Inkeeper task without seeing the Warden or the Inkeeper first
- Third Island: Hop and malt are now inside destructible doodads
- Third Island: Added some blockers and doodads for the Robo-Goblin task
- Third Island: Removed task to find gold for peon. Necklace is now sold directly to the Witch Doctor
- Third Island: The Gem of true Hiding will be given to Rhonin immediately
- Third Island: Moved tree from above Missing Troll and added a visual aid
- Third Island: Added a hint when Rhonin has to return to the Way Gate Warden
- Third Island: Removed the task to combine the two Gems. The Witch Doctor will now drop the Red Crystal
- Third Island: Removed sequence that destroys the Way Gate and has the Warden teleport Rhonin manually
- Third Island: Can now freely use the Way Gate to teleport to the fourth island
- Fourth Island: Can now freely use the Way Gate to return to the third island
- Fourth Island: Removed patrol and invulnerability of Vulture
- Fourth Island: Put the three flowers inside destructible doodads
- Fourth Island: Removed the task to talk to the Goblin Priest
- Fourth Island: Removed Makh'uza's note
- Fourth Island: Removed the Switch Fire traps task
- Fourth Island: Increased scale and darkened color of Crates of Fish
- Fourth Island: All Boulder items and Rock Chunks with Boulder items are removed when Rhonin hits the Vulture
- Fourth Island: Redesigned area to be smaller
- Fouth Island: Removed the task to get the Other Voodoo Leg
- Fourth Island: Ignoring guard position of Ogre Magi when he is freed
- Fourth Island: Deathwing's scale will be created inside Rhonin's inventory
- Fourth Island: Shared vision of Kryll and Goblin Miner
- Fourth Island: Will no longer diable control when bringing flowers to the husbands
- Ogre quest: Troll Vendor will lose ability to buy/sell items after selling the Talisman of Evasion
- Ogre quest: Talisman of Evasion now costs 75 gold
- Ogre quest: The Gate now opens as soon as the item is bought
- Added music to the outro cinematic

Chapter 5 - 104
- Implemented a system that allows multiple saves for this chapter
- Kirin Tor mages are now referred to by their names in the quest descriptions
- Increased starting level of Krasus from 1 to 3
- Added ability to item Eon Rose: Can now temporarily buff Krasus' movement and attack speed
- Added ability to item Black Vial: Can use Sleep on enemy units
- Added ability to item Calderia's Wand: Can steal life of enemy units and add to Krasus' life
- Changed icon of Eon Rose to a new custom icon by LiOneSS
- Changed text "Buy artifacts for combat" to "Buy combat items"
- Improved camera movement for all cinematics
- Reduced amount of dialogue
- Increased maximum level of Krasus from 5 to 6
- Fixed display of a quest requirement for Malygos quest
- Dalaran: The Orb of SOultheft will now only be removed when the Antonida's Request quest is completed or failed
- Dalaran: Initial death sound of Krasus will be only faintly audible
- Dalaran: Redesigned for shorter paths
- Dalaran: Removed most switches and levers
- Dalaran: Replaced fog areas with Circles of Power named after the Dragon Aspects
- Dalaran: Removed hint about Drenden being nearby
- Dalaran: Player 8 (Dalaran) now treats Player 2 (Krasus) as Neutral
- Dalaran: Changed text "You freed the test-subject. You will be punished!" to "Why did you do that?"
- Dalaran: Orb of Soultheft is now removed even when Krasus destroys the Magical Pen
- Dalaran: Added an additional area to fight bandits for the Orb of Soultheft
- Dalaran: Reduced time between minimap pings from 40 to 10 seconds
- Dalaran: Granted shared vision of all quest related units
- Dalaran: Krasus' life will no longer be reset to 10%
- Dalaran: The choice in the optional quest Ready for Combat is now between an Orb of Corruption and a Pendant of Energy
- Dalaran: Added Circles of Power for all conversation partners
- Dalaran: Removed the inventory from Antonidas
- Northrend: Added switches to turn off runes at entrance
- Northrend: Replaced Circles of Power with Magical Runes
- Northrend: Can now skip the intro cinematic
- Northrend: Renamed Frozen Throne Gate to Frozen Gate
- Northrend: Can no longer take damage from water because the ground path is now blocked
- Northrend: Fixed waterfall sound effect
- Northrend: Tuskarr will now refer to Krasus as an elf instead of a human
- Northrend: Added an additional World of Warcraft track to Malygos' cinematic
- Northrend: Added visibility to Tuskarr regions outside the Lair
- Northrend: The keys no longer remain in the inventory. A leaderboard keeps track instead
- Northrend: Changed text "The water's too high and I can't swim." to "The current looks dangerous. I should look for another way."
- Northrend: Will now only create Unbroken Darkhunter if less then 5 Unbroken Darkhunter are in the endfight region
- Caverns of Time: Repositioned Taretha
- Caverns of Time: Krasus can enter Durnholde without a Signed Letter
- Caverns of Time: Krasus can get back to Dalaran by stepping inside the cave
- Caverns of Time: Added numerous enemies
- Caverns of Time: The Dog is no longer invulnerable
- Caverns of Time: Increased hit points of the Dog from 15 to 150
- Caverns of Time: Increased hit points of Taretha from 15 to 150
- Caverns of Time: Added various messages from Guards that will warn the player not to come closer
- Caverns of Time: Reduced time between minimap pings from 40 to 10 seconds
- Caverns of Time: Renamed Dog Pen to Cave Entrance
- Caverns of Time: Added five Tomes of Experience
- Caverns of Time: Player 2 (Krasus) and Player 9 (Guards) are enemies now
- Caverns of Time: Repositioned some stash areas
- Caverns of Time: Krasus will carry an Item Bag
- Caverns of Time: Added an additional World of Warcraft track to Nozdormu's cinematic
- Caverns of Time: Removed rain
- Caverns of Time: Removed pathing blockers. A Gate will now block the path before talking to Taretha
- Caverns of Time: Will play sound effect when placing an item or the dog
- Caverns of Time: No longer playing Nozdormu's spell devour animation
- Emerald Dream: Set food cost of all Burning Legion units to 0
- Emerald Dream: Set gold cost of all Burning Legion units to 0
- Emerald Dream: Added a Tiny Tree of Life
- Emerald Dream: Reduced build time of Tree of Life from 110 to 90 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Reduced build time of Tree of Ages from 140 to 110 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Reduced build time of Tree of Eternity from 140 to 110 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Can now build an Ancient of Wonders
- Emerald Dream: Hardened Skin and Resistant Skin upgrades now require an Ancient of Wonders
- Emerald Dream: Mountain Giants and Faerie Dragons now require an Ancient of Wonders
- Emerald Dream: Reduced repair lumber cost of Ancient Protector from 80 to 75
- Emerald Dream: Reduced repair lumber cost of Chimaera Roost from 230 to 160
- Emerald Dream: Added more stationary enemies
- Emerald Dream: Ignoring Guard Position of all stationary enemies
- Emerald Dream: Added a Staff of Negation
- Emerald Dream: Increased Food production of Tree of Life from 30 to 50
- Emerald Dream: Increased Food production of Tree of Ages from 60 to 70
- Emerald Dream: Removed some building blocking terrain
- Emerald Dream: Increased lumber cost of Chimaera from 110 to 190
- Emerald Dream: Redesigned road to player base a bit
- Emerald Dream: The two Burning Legion bases are no longer connected
- Emerald Dream: Moved player base to center between the Burning Legion bases
- Emerald Dream: Added a secret entrance to the lower Burning Legion base
- Emerald Dream: Moved Ysera's place to upper left
- Emerald Dream: Moved the Healing Fountain closer to the player base
- Emerald Dream: Added more space to the area where you can free the wisps
- Emerald Dream: Added more Druids to free
- Emerald Dream: Replaced Ashenvale textures with Lordaeron Summer textures
- Emerald Dream: Enemy AI will attack regardless of the amount of units available
- Emerald Dream: Player 3 will no longer attack with a Sky Barge
- Emerald Dream: Reduced time between enemy AI attack from 150 to 120 seconds
- Emerald Dream: The enemy AI will now attack in different stages, depending on the upgrade level of the player's Tree of Life
- Emerald Dream: The enemy AI will now only train units if it doesn't have enough already
- Emerald Dream: Changed hint from "There are nine wisps in the area. Use them to build a base." to "There are more Night Elves in the area. Rescue them."
- Emerald Dream: Shared vision with remaining Night Elves from starting area
- Emerald Dream: The enemy AI is activated as soon as the Ghost cinematic has finished
- Emerald Dream: Removed all tech tree requirements for the Burning Legion
- Emerald Dream: Reduced build time of all Burning Legion units
- Emerald Dream: Removed some buildings for Burning Legion
- Emerald Dream: Increased z-start of fog from 900 to 1500
- Emerald Dream: Increased z-end of fog from 3500 to 4000
- Emerald Dream: The Dreadlord will no longer gain experience
- Emerald Dream: Enemy AI is now fully controlled via triggers
- Emerald Dream: Removed all Gargoyles from Player 8
- Emerald Dream: Increases scale of selection circle for Furbolgs from 1.0 to 1.8
- Emerald Dream: The enemy AI for player 8 (Burning Legion) will be activated 60 seconds after the activation for player 3 (Burning Legion)

Chapter 6 - 34
- The fighter will no longer die in the intro cinematic
- Will no longer create rock chunks at the destroyed Ressurection Stones
- Moved creation region of stone chunks to center of Ressurection Stones
- Increased base damage of Gnoll Warchief from 30 to 45
- Increased base damage of Ogre Warchief from 35 to 50
- Replaced a Town Hall with a Keep
- Replaced another Town Hall with a Castle
- Restored tech tree requirements (Keep, Castle) for upgrades
- Removed non-Felwood textures
- Removed a few blocking doodads
- Repositioned some dwarven tents
- Initially removed items are now dropped by trolls
- Removed all crates in the starting region and the hint to check nearby crates
- The second optional quest will only be created when the first is completed
- Removed hint about the third quest alignment not being completable
- Completing the second optional quest will reward the player with the Gnoll/Ogre Chieftain
- Reduced time between minimap pings from 40 to 10 seconds
- Repositioned some player buildings
- Added a music theme to the outro cinematic
- Removed some transmissions from the outro cinematic
- Moved Stone of Summoning to the northeast
- Moved Helm of Battlethirst to the west
- Increased gold in Gold Mines from 6000/12000/24000 to 20000/15000/10000
- Removed many orc buildings and units
- Changed quest requirement from "Destroy all orc bases" to "Destroy the Red Base"
- Reduced target acquisition range of all Player 1 (Dragonmaw clan) units from 500 to 200
- Added shallow water to reach the Red Base without a zeppelin
- Decreased size of Red Base
- Granted shared vision of Red Base to Player 2 (The Fellowship)
- Granted shared vision of Town Hall
- Bases will only be rescued when the attacking orcs are killed
- Removed some transmissions when rescuing the bases
- Replaced a Red Drake with two Red Dragon Whelps
- Added a Rifleman to the second dwarven base

Chapter 7 - 40
- Renamed Ash Kayks Clone to Flarecore
- Red Dragon Watchers will now drop Runes of Restoration instead of Runes of Healing
- Added more enemies
- Removed the fire trap
- Renamed Egg Sack to Red Dragon Egg
- Removed peons at Alexstrasza
- All Red Dragon Eggs are now invulnerable
- Replaced a neutral hostile Spitting Spider with a rescuable Giant Wolf
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Spirit Priest from being created when Rhonin could not be restored from game cache
- Kryll now drops Deathwing's Scale instead of Deathwing's Medallion
- Freed kobolds are now controllable by the player
- Killed kobolds now drop more powerful items
- Granted shared vision of Red Dragon Watchers
- Removed some enemy buildings and units
- Summoned units can no longer get to Alexstrasza
- Removed all peons from the intro cinematic
- The quest alignment for the Kobold quest can be set from any kobold group
- Repositioned two Power Generators^
- Reduced target aquisition range of some enemies
- Added two Spider Silk Broach items
- Reduced hit points of Beast Cage from 500 to 200
- Last Red Dragon Watcher will drop a Rune of Speed
- Dropped items for cinematics will be given back to heroes immediately
- Replaced a Health Stone with an Orb of Fire
- Increased experience gain at levels 7/8 from 50%/20% to 50%
- Increased maximum experience level for Vereesa and Falstad from 9 to 10
- Replaced a Red Dragon with a Red Drake
- Replaced texture Brick with Black Marble
- Removed red fog from the starting area
- Added sound effect to dying Shimmering Gates
- Flesh Golem Spikes can no longer be activated when the Flesh Golem was hit
- Flesh Golem Spikes will deal 3000 damage to the Flesh Golem
- A floating text will appear when the Flesh Golem Spikes hits someone
- Filled Mine Carts are now vulnerable, have 100 hit points and drop gold
- Changed transmission "...these dwarves will be helpful..." to "...This is the help I told you about."
- Falstad will no longer belong to the player upon map inizialization when not restored from game cache
- Added Runes of Rebirth to the Burning Archers
- Moved some doodads at the Flesh Golem arena to reduce chance of being trapped
- Moved position of Flesh Golem switches
- Changed text "Keep the Spellbook?" to "Put the Spellbook back?" and switched No/Yes answers

Chapter 8 - 62
- Decreased map scale to about 60% of its original scale
- Redesigned layout
- Krasus will no longer start automatically at level 6
- Nekros will only transmit his threat against Rhonin if he is alive
- Reduced time between minmap pings from 20 to 10 seconds
- Renamed optional quest Saving Rom to The Final Choice
- Player can lose when he has no buildings and no non-hero units
- Bhaalroc's Legavy item is now part of the option quest The Final Choice
- Added more visibility to the optional quest regions
- Added more space between the Aspects when Alexstrasza arrives
- The AlexArrives cinematic can now be skipped
- Removed some Watch Towers for Player 6 (Dragonmaw reinforcements)
- Changed quest requirement "Build a base in the north" to "Build a base in the northwest"
- Rhonin will start at level 8 when unable to restore from game cache
- Replaced all creeps with orcs
- Granted shared vision of orcs in starting area to player
- Build a base requirement can now onl be completed if a Town Hall was built close to the gold mine
- Changed hotkey of Dwarven Tent from F to E
- Added a Fountain of Healing
- Increased supply of Swarven Tents from 6 to 8
- Krasus will start with a Tiny Town Hall, Tiny Lumber Mill and a Tiny Barracks
- Reduced countdown timer for first wave from 13 to 8 minutes
- Reduced countdown timer for second wave from 11 to 9 minutes
- Reduced delay between end of countdowns and actual attacks by 30 seconds
- Added destructible barrels on the heroes' road that drop Gold Coins or Bundles of Lumber when destroyed
- Increased experience gain for all heroes at level 9 from 20% to 60%
- Caravans will no longer stop when attacked in the middle of the map
- Krasus will no longer take extra damage while being close to Nekros
- Added a main quest update for the first wave
- Decreased number of units send by Dragonmaw reinforcements in the second phase
- Decreased number of units send by the Caravans
- Can no longer press the button to use Krasus' Medallion or Deathwing's Scale
- The Demon Soul can now control Red Dragons
- Controlled dragons will now actually belong to the player
- Reduced cooldown of Demon Soul from 70 to 30 seconds
- Reduced target acqusition range of all Player 6 and Player 7 (Dragonmaw reinfocements) starting units to 200
- All Aspects' attacks are now ranged
- Endfight music will no longer stop when alt-tabbing the game
- Changed sound sets of Ysera and Malygos
- Changed hint about Krasus not being able to help Rhonin with the Demon Soul
- Reduced number of Grim Batol Towers from 7 to 5
- All Grim Batol Towers can now be reached via land
- Added a transmission to try to control dragons with the Demon Soul
- Dragon Aspects will no longer try to walk back when already at their original position
- Reduced some wait time during the Aspect fight
- Ysera's critical strike now does always 3 times normal damage
- Deathwing's moves will no longer activate cinematic mode. Instead user control will be disabled
- Increased attack range of Ysera, Alexstrasza and Nozdormu to 700
- All player 2 units escept Rhonin are hidden for the FreeAlex cinematic
- Increased attack range Malygos to 900
- Increased Nozdormu's chance to steal to 100%
- All heroes will be displayed in the score screen
- Increased replenishment of Party Mana from 100 t0 150 mana
- Malygos will no longer face his group before casting spells
- Rearranged position of Aspect skills and buffs icons
- The MeetKrasus cinematic no longer required all heroes to be in the final area
- Increased size of region for hidden units during the FreeAlex cinematic
- Units at the MeetKrasus cinematic region will be hidden until the cinematic is over
- Increased volume of sound effect EarthquakeRock during MeetKrasus and TowersDestroyed cinematics
- Added more cameras to the outro cinematics
- Instead of the Red Dragons now the Dragonmaw Warlocks are required to be killed before Alexstrasza can be rescued
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to finish the Ring of Grim Batol quest before the The Demon Soul quest

Epilogues - 18
- Replaced black eggs with red eggs
- Set most fade timers to 2 seconds
- Added some water sound effects
- Changed owner of Deathwing's dragons to Player 1
- Merged Idea and Execution and Terrain credits into Design
- Removed Blizzard from the credits
- Renamed Models, Skins and Art to Models and Skins
- Renamed Loading Screens, Icons and Miscellaneous Art to Additional Art and Music
- Removed Music credits
- Moved credits category spells up
- Split category Models and Skins into two
- Split category Additional Art into two
- Added Kwaliti, Deolrin, Tauer, Lubbe, and Ujimasa Hojo to the Models and Skins credits
- Added 67chrome, Palaslayer, PeeKay, D.ee, Hellx-Magnus, Artur_ka, Anachron, The Panda, Apheraz Lucent and LiOneSS to the Additional Art credits
- Added 4avenger5 to the Spells credits
- Removed wc3sear.ch and members of Haschkeks-Clan from the credits
- Added Hiveworkshop.com to the Special Thanks to Credits
- Increased time for some credits

30 May 2015

Kung Fury

Got 30 minutes to kill? Watch an 80s action movie parody! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS5P_LAqiVg

25 May 2015

Updating Day of the Dragon

Due to the success of the latest update to Lord of the Clans I decided to update Day of the Dragon in a similar way.

I try to touch as many aspects as possible, from updating the models, the terrain, to more fluid gameplay, better cinematics and the usual bugfixes. Even new loading screens. So far I've updated 5 of the 15 maps.

Here's a summary of what I've done so far:
- all maps: More bounty/gold coins and many items shops on each map so the player can get healing items or temporary buffs or sell useless items when he feels like it. Rebalanced skills, most Notable with Rhonin who can perform attacks much faster with less mana.
- models: Replaced Deathwing's and Krasus' model with models from Hiveworkshop.com . Also updated the council of Kirin Tor (Modera, Andromath and the others). People often ask about updated Aspect models. I'll look into it but I can't promise anything.
- intro map: updated terrain (especially the area around the Dark Portal), better camera movement and about 30% less dialogue. Reduced runtime from about 5,5 minutes to 4,5 minutes.
- chapter 1: Redesigned some areas so there is more space, more to explore and not as linear level design as it used to be. Repositioned the quest giver for the wolves quest. More runes and other items. Added leaderboard to keep track of the stuff in the optional quests. I have also added a test zone so players can try out any hero class for Rhonin before finally choosing it. Connected Vereesa's and Rhonin regions.
- chapter 2: Mostly the same, but hid some items on the map so the Goblin Lab's scan will feel more useful. Added more space to some areas and redesigned the final trap area: Removed Juggernauts, but added harmful runes.
- chapter 3: Cleared some annoying doodads and added a bit more space to some smaller areas. Repositioned a turtle. Redesigned final orc base a bit by adding more dwarves that can be rescued.
- chapter 4: Removed all of Rhonin's items (will reappear at chapter 7). Can return to all old islands at any time (except first). Fixed some bugs and added many more exclamation marks, hints and shared vision to make it clearer what to do. Made last area smaller. Removed tasks where you have to turn the game camera... and many, many other small things. I also realized that chapter 4 is way too big and has way too many boring or meaningless tasks. I cut around 20% of content from the main quest and 30% for the optional Murder quest. When I watch youtube videos people already need 70-80 minutes to complete the map. I think 50-60 minutes is enough.

Chapter 4 has 93 fixes, which by itself is more than most entire campaign updates I have made. The campaign now has more than 270 changes. If you have any suggestions now is the time.

Haven't played the other maps in a long time but my personal feeling tells me:
Interlude: Can't remember. Maybe a bit too long.
Chapter 5: Dalaran needs to be smaller. Too much walking. Nozdormu's realm needs the updated Lord of the Clans level. Emerald Dream and Northrend are fine.
Chapter 6: I think it's fine.
Chapter 7: I think it will be fine with better balanced hero skills.
Chapter 8: Map is way too big. I am considering a similar redesign like LotC Chapter 7. Same objectives but a lot tighter.
Epilogues: Don't know yet.

I am taking a break from updating the campaign until late July.

26 April 2015

Paying for mods

You've probably read that Skyrim modders can now charge for their mods when they upload them on Steam Workshop. Modders can use between a fixed amount or allow the end-user to pay as much as they want. Free of payment is still an option.

Let me start by saying I would most likely not pay for a map or mod, including simple mutators (extension mod as they are called in Starcraft 2). For a mod to make me want to pay for it it would have to so much content and  so many changes that it would be labelled a total conversion. So it basically just uses the old engine, but changes everything else.

The Dark Mod is a total conversion that transforms Doom 3 into Thief, one of my favourite games. Black Mesa is a remake of Half-Life 1 that uses the Source engine. It looks as good as Half-Life 2 and has some level design changes that improve the experience in my opinion. As you play these total conversions you can feel the love that has gone into them, but both of them share the same problem: They feel unfinished. The Dark Mod has no original campaign, it is more like a toolset to create your own levels. Many levels have been created, some of really high quality but rarely any maps are connected with one another. Black Mesa is also great, but it stops right before the Xen levels, missing around 2 hours of content from the original Half-Life. In many aspects, these total conversions aren't as polished as professionally produced games. There are plenty of bugs, visual or audio material at low quality or simply a lack of content. And this goes for basically every mod you'll find out there. But you know what? It's fine. That's what a mod is. It's a fan creation that can be messy at times, but was made out of love for a game to increase it's replay value, and is given out to other people who have the same love for the same game. And if you know a little bit about love (or you have read about it), then you know you can't give it away for money (not talking about that kind of love).

Since video games were invented they have become more and more complex, requiring more and more funding to meet modern standards. The same goes for user made content. I remember making a simple Starcraft 1 map took about two weeks. In Warcraft 3 it took at least 4 weeks. You had to take care of so much more stuff: More details in the level design/landscape, take advantage of new gameplay mechanics (heroes, levels, creeps), AI, add new art, skills, use new triggers and so on. It has only gotten more complicated with the Starcraft 2 editor. You can create entirely different genres, like 3rd person shooters, card games, or turn based games. There is so much more detail you can add to the environment and there are plenty more triggers and systems you want to take advantage of to make your map feel up-to-date. I would say on an average it takes 2 months to produce a high quality Starcraft 2 map (when you still have a fulltime job).

Let's say there weren't any full-time obligations like school or a job and I was able to work on a Starcraft 2 campaign 40-60 hours a week. It would take me around 6 months to finish. Relative to the amount of money I would earn from a fulltime job during those months, I would lose around 10.000$. So as a map-maker I can understand anyone who feels like they spent so much time working on their project, that it would be nice to get something more in return than just a thank you.

With that in mind I just added a donation button at the top right of this blog (which fit the niche very nicely that used to be there :P). You don't need to pay anything, so you can still get all maps and the latest updated for free. But in case you think it's a good idea to support my work on future maps or updates, or simply as a show of appreciation, the button is there.

28 February 2015

SotX Chapter 6 gameplay and screenshots

Chapter 6 is nearing completion. Only two cinematics are missing which I will implemented over the next couple of days. To celebrate this I have uploaded a video of the first 7 minutes of gameplay, screenshots and a summary of the map design process for Chapter 6 to my Shadow of the Xel'Naga portfolio site.

 Work on Chapter 7 will probably start in 4 to 5 months from now.

21 February 2015

SotX Chapter 6 terrain

Shadow of the Xel'Naga: Chapter 6 is now completely playable. Over the past days I optimized game play (e.g. made distance between enemy units smaller, improved boss gameplay), added a system that lets unit keep their experience, but only if all units are lost and the area is reset, implemented and tweaked all four difficulty levels, finished the storscript and implemented all transmissions.

Gameplay feels good. Boss fights need a bit of tweaking though, but that will happen along the way.

Area1 terrain now finished. 25% overall terrain completed. I try to give each area/room a different look but the color palette is really monotonous and there are very few doodads designed for the Ulaan tileset. I usually refrain from mixing different tilesets, especially when I'm not experienced with them.
if you are wondering why there are barely any units: they are all created via triggers, so I can easily replace them when an area is reset. ...

09 February 2015

Progress on SotX Chapter 6

After finishing the update on Lord of the Clans, I continued work on my StarCraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga.

Features for Chapter 6:
- Indoor mission with several corridors. Corridors will include the typical offensive/defensive situations you see in many indoor missions by Blizzard.
- Boss fight at the end of each corridor
- Co-op gameplay for two players: Each player controls a bunch of standard units (marines, ghosts, firebats, medics)
- Units gain experience, level up and automatically gain new abilities. At level 8 a unit can be promoted to a hero for additional stats and damage. Only one hero per unit-type can exist
- Players are accompanied by an AI-controlled hero unit that works much like Raynor in HotS mission 2 (basic meatshield and attacker)
- As with each map in the campaign, players can't really lose*. When all units die and the AI hero is incapacitated the corridor is reset. All enemy units are revived, traps are reset and the players' units start at the beginning of the corridor
- When a player unit is killed it is replaced by a fresh unit that starts at level 1 at the beginning of a corridor
- Four difficulty levels
- I want to add some light puzzles elements (e.g. step on beacons in the correct order), but I don't know if I have space for them.

Chapter 6 gameplay is now 70% finished. The map already needs 40 minutes ingame time to be completed. I expect to start working on the terrain within the following 10-14 days. I want to show you the current state via a screenshot and give frequent updates over the next 2-3 weeks to show you in detail how the map evolves.
The plan for the next 7-10 days is to:
- add the remaining 30% of the level/encounters
- add basic balancing for all four difficulty levels
- do frequent playthroughs, fix bugs, improve balance and level design

The plan for days 8-21:
- Finish the story-script
- Make the terrain
- Add cinematics, tranmissions and hints

If all goes well the map will be in beta before March. After that I'll make some plans for the final Chapter 7 and decide if it's going to be small enough to finish withing a few weeks or sometime during summer.
Compared to Chapters 2 - 5 the Chapters 6 & 7 don't need much work with the Data Editor, which has always been the reason why this campaign takes so long to make. Kinda surprised myself how quickly Chapter 6 is progressing.
When all maps are in beta I'll have to put some work into some of the old maps but it shouldn't take too long. Release of the campaign could be as early as Fall 2015. If shit really hits the fan it will be Summer 2016 at the latest. The release of LotV will also be a deciding factor (maybe there will be new features I'd like to take advantage of).

*No map in the campaign can be failed entirely. This made made mostly because of the lack of a save feature on Battle.net, and I have no plans to release the maps on a website (yet), to further promote the co-op feature. Also: Losing ISN'T fun. The fun is in the progress you make. BUT: I know some gamers don't like it and I am considering adding permanent losing at the highest difficulty level. As each map is so different from one another, each map handles hero deaths and mission failures differently:
- Chapter 1: (a bit like GTA): Heroes don't die. They become incapacitated for a while. A hero in this state can be awakened instantly by another hero. No mission progress is lost. Mission critical units (the vehicles) are revived at their starting location
- Chapter 2: Point and Click adventure with almost no combat. Heroes can't really engage enemies unless it's sure they'll win. Their HP-regeneration is ultra fast. There is a boss fight. It will reset when all mission critical units die
- Chapter 3: Tug of War: Heroes can be revived at the closest Shield Battery. No cost. Reviving takes a while
- Chapter 4: Tower Defense: Enemy AI doesn't attack heroes. If all player towers are killed the area is restarted
- Chapter 5: Stealth (Commandos): Map has no combat. Enemies pursue and "catch" player heroes. when a hero is caught he is instantly moved to the beginning of the area
- Chapter 6: Units can die and are replaced with level 1 units after a while. If all units die (or moved too far away from the follower) and the follower is incapacitated the area (corridor) is reset

An area/corridor etc. usually consists of 5-15 minutes of play time. Usually not all progrss is lost. Gained experience, items or completed optional objectives are kept.
Again, this was done so people don't have to go through the annoying process of restoring a save game through a replay on Battle.net. Area restarts are simply my way of loading a quicksave for you. All maps take longer than the average Blizzard campaign map, clocking at 30-60 minutes. Losing the the end fight and having to start all over could be very frustrasting.

24 January 2015

Lord of the Clans updated!

The update to my first WarCraft 3 campaign Lord of the Clans is now live!

Go to the downloads page to get it!

Features of Update 1.04

Retouched, redesigned!
- Almost 400(!) fixes, balance changes and improvements
- Most maps have been rebalanced for maximum fun
- some maps are almost unrecognizable or completely new
- More open space, improved cinematics, better item placement

Chapter 2: New optional quest
Chapter 3: New optional quest, longer main quest, clear stealth gameplay
Chapter 4: New gameplay in the starting area: Thrall has limited vision, must find enemies and loot them for health.
Chapter 6: Retouched starting area. New unit Spearthrower.
Chapter 7: Completely new map!
Chapter 8: Countless changes to minigames, puzzles and fights

Read the changelog for the full list of changes. But then again it might be faster to just play it.

Update 1.04: 395 fixes

Multiple maps - 32
- Removed unnecessary duplicated imports
- Removed unnecessary custom objects
- Removed some unnecessary duplicated trigger actions
- Custom objects are now stored in the campaign file instead of each map
- Added new unit Spearthrower
- Removed Thrall's death sequence
- Decreased map size
- Added more space to terrain and made it a bit more beautiful
- New model for Baby Thrall
- New model for Draka
- Rage can no longer be can on enemy units or catapults
- Reduced duration of Rage from 40 to 30 seconds
- Increased damage of War Stomp from 25/50/75 to 50/75/100
- Reduced Mana Cost of War Stomp from 90 to 75
- Removed some unnecessary wait times during cinematics
- Mixed Lordaeron Winter and Northrend texture sets
- New items: Wand of Chain Lightning, Wand of Lightning Shield (self), Wand of Far Sight
- Fixed quest descriptions (removed dots, added space and more)
- Fixed various typos
- Added fog
- Removed Slow, Abolish Magic and Bash of all kobolds
- Fixed some sound regions
- Removed Healing Salve that could be used during combat
- Replaced all non-Blizzard music with Blizzard music
- Increased Thrall's scale/selection circle scale from 1.0/1.1 to 1.2/1.2
- Improved Thrall's spell animations
- Taretha is now a blonde
- Fixed spells not being imported properly to a new chapter
- Increased cast range of Rage from 0 to 300
- Fixed Score Screen of Thrall
- Removed Flee from Shades
- Changed icon of Catapult to classic Reign of Chaos icon

Intro - 6
- Removed some dialogue
- Added and changed some cameras
- Removed some unnecessary doodads
- Replaced fel orcs with normal grunts
- Renamed Baby Thrall to Orc baby
- Fixed fight timings

Chapter 1 - 15
- Removed a transmission in the intro cinematic
- Changed position of some switches
- Changed some patrol routes and positions of guards to be more fair
- Changed types of some droppable items
- Replaced some knights with footmen
- Repositioned some guards
- Fixed a bug that removed visibility from switches
- "Thrall must survive." is now a proper defeat condition
- Replaced the Mortal Team with two Bandits
- Fixed a bug that prevented Thrall from fighting in the intro cinematic
- Added 5 Tomes of Lesser Experience
- Gave all units of Player 5 (Citizens) to Player 3 (Citizens) and removed Player 5 
- Fixed a bug that stopped the music
- Created minimap pings for all switches
- Renamed from "The Adventure Begins" to "Unchained"

Chapter 2 - 17
- Added more space to terrain and made it a bit more beautiful
- Added more trolls in the starting area
- Added an optional quest to rescue some wolves
- Changed types of some droppable items
- The resting place cinematic will now be triggered by killing all trolls in the area
- Fixed duration for the Kelgar Cinematic
- Thrall can now flee through the main gate
- Removed a patrol guard
- Changed patrol route of a guard
- Second Escape quest is completed when Thrall finds the Goblins
- Split requirement for quest Second Escape into two
- The correct peon is now moving to Thrall
- Removed Player 9 (Guards)
- Fixed a quest sound bug
- Inprisoned orcs are no longer invulerable but periodically healed
- Find your belonging quest requirement will now be properly completed
- Renamed player Camp to Guards

Chapter 3 - 35
- Food quest is now discovered after the intro cinematic
- Added quest requirement "Find a village" to Food quest
- Removed optional quest "More Food". Its requirements are now part of the main quest
- Food quest items now grant experience
- Properly added quest requirement to all quests
- Removed the Anduin Lothar cinematic
- Removed the Drunken Paladin quest and cinematics
- Added a new optional Quest "The Bandit Lord"
- Completing the new optional quest will reveal all items for the main quest
- Replaced and repositioned some guards
- Reduced time for cave sequence
- Reduced time until Towers are destroyed when Barrels of Explosives are destroyed
- Removed cheese/self-destroying barrel sequence
- Added hiding spots for more stealthy gameplay
- Sharing all guards vision with the player as soon as he enters the village
- Added Ensnare to Swordsmen
- Thrall will gain vision of Guards in an area when entering that area
- Removed a dog
- Removed a droppable item from a pack horse
- Increased level of attack upgrades for Guards from 0 to 3
- Added some bandits at the northeast exit
- The Exit quest is now completed when the last group of bandits is dead
- Changed text "Find the northeast exit." to "Flee through the northeast exit."
- Remade outro cinematic
- Changed text "I don't need more food. I have enough." to "I have enough. The exit should be to the east."
- Fixed bug preventing Riflemen from shooting at practice targets
- Added Ensnare to Swordsmen
- Added a hint abouts Swordsmen being able to ensnare Thrall
- Knight will attack Thrall i he gets too close to the children
- Added a transmission when Thrall is too close
- Fixed bug preventing Tom from fighting Jerry
- Added minimap pings for each Food quest item
- Reduced experience gain for Thrall at level 3/4 from 75%/33% to 50%/20%
- Hiding player 4 (Warsong clan) in Score Screen
- Renamed from "Hunger for your People" to "Hunger"

Interludium - 8
- Replaced fel orcs with normal grunts
- Removed unnecessary objects in the scene
- Some positional fixes
- More cameras and improved camera movement
- Added some water to the terrain
- Changed the throne of Hellscream
- Removed all rats
- Changed color of fighting orcs to purple

Chapter 4 - 55
- Changed sky from Lordaeron Winter (Yellow) to Blizzard
- Changed gameplay so Thrall mustn't avoid enemies but find them to maintain his health
- Increased automatic damage to Thrall in the starting area
- Increased number of creeps in the starting area
- Added numerous Runes of Healing and other helpful items to creeps
- Increased terrain space in the starting area
- Decreased range of vision for Thrall in the starting area
- Added Magical Runes to help guide Thrall
- Removed a few cameras from the intro
- Removed a transmission from the intro
- Changed text of first hint
- Removed all Healing Torches from the starting area
- Removed haze effects for all non-vision cinematics
- Grom and Taretha now turn into hostile enemies that drop items when killed
- Added more space at the ogre camp
- Fixed some errors with the Meet Frostwolves cinematic
- Reduced the volume of the scary sound during the Durotan vision
- Added super fast Spirit Pigs to the Pigs quest that will drop Tomes of Knowledge when caught
- Removed all visibility modifiers for the Pigs quest
- Added a new visibility modifier that allows vision to the whole Pigs quest area
- Removed some blocking doodads at the Pigs quest spawning areas
- Pigs quest net is now invulnerable
- Pigs quest will now stop when the timer runs out
- Renamed leaderboard from "Hay - Pigs at Hay" to "Pigs - missed"
- Removed a sheep
- "Thrall must live" is now a proper defeat condition
- Renamed quest "The Frostwolves" to "Alone and Cold"
- Added a quest "The Frostwolves" that simply tells the player which quests to complete
- Game will no longer end when dying/losing during a minigame (Book, Pigs and Pacman)
- All minigames (Book, Pigs and Pacman) can be restarted instantly when dying/losing
- Changed model of item "Lord of the Alliance" to a book
- Added some rewards for completing each miniquest
- Set life of all player units to 100% after the Ogre intro cinematic
- Invulnerability can prevent Thrall from taking damage by the Book quest traps
- Changed text "Free the base to the gnoll base from rock chunks." to "Enter the gnoll camp."
- Changed text "Rescue the pigs." to "Rescue all pigs."
- Fixed a transmission that wouldn't play
- Added some Boulder Towers at the gnoll camp
- Removed blocking buildings/doodads at gnoll camps
- Redesigned the gnoll camp
- Repositioned some units at the gnoll camp
- Disabled Backpack upgrade
- Removed the Raiders vs Gnolls Gate cinematic
- Added a bonus item at the gnoll camp
- Playing War2IntroMusic during the Pacman game
- Fixed some errors with the Raiders vs Gnolls cinematics
- Buildings wil no longer drop items
- Life and Mana of Thrall are refilled when he sees Grom or Taretha
- Reduced damage and hit points of all gnolls
- Life of Thrall will be set to 100% when entering the Pacman game
- Added a Tome of Strength behind the Book quest area
- The Pacman speed items will no longer be usable multiple times during a single try
- Fixed a bug that prevented triggering the "Drek'Thar After Gnolls" or "Outro" cinematics
- Ogre quest can now be started when the Pigs quest is completed instead of the Raiders vs Gnolls quest
- Increased ramp space to final gnoll camp

Chapter 5 - 68
- Removed sequence where Thrall travels to the mountain and back within the intro cinematic
- Increased Thrall's experience gain at level 6 from 33% to 40%
- Cut some minor parts within the intro cinematic
- Changed some camera angles within the intro cinematic
- Thrall will now be properly revived when killed
- Floating texts will be removed properly
- Feral Spirit is now properly removed when ending the Wild quest
- Fire quest: Will no longer play Switch or Gate Bash sounds during cinematic
- Renamed Strange Wanderer to Wanderer
- Fire quest: Added more space
- Fire quest: Removed all Rock Chunks
- Fire quest: Gate will no longer close during quest
- Fire quest: Removed a Rune of Greater Healing
- Fire quest: Repositioned a Rune of Greater Mana
- Fire quest: Repositioned some obstacles
- Fire quest: Replaced some Burning Archers with Skeletal Orcs
- Fire quest: Replaced the Staff of Negation with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Fire quest: Reduced target acquisition range of all enemy units to 200
- Fire quest: Reduced Mana Drained Per Second of Immolation from 2 to 1
- Fire quest: Removed a Flame Skeleton
- Fire quest: Repositioned some resurrectable Grunts and added two more Runes of Resurrection
- Fire quest: Increased time between trap damage from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds
- Fire quest: All player 1 units can now suffer trap damage
- Fire quest: Reduced life of Fire Beetles from 550 to 400
- Fire quest: Decreased/increased time for elevator under/above water by 1 second
- Fire quest: Changed initial hint to "Beware of the flame traps. Don't rush."
- Earth quest: Changed initial hint to "Slay the enemies to get the Earth Keys."
- Earth quest: Replaced golems with kobolds
- Earth quest: Removed Granite Golem
- Earth quest: Bringing the keys to the Circle of Light will now spawn a bunch of Kobolds at the Elevators
- Earth quest: Removed first camera movement within the cinematic
- Earth quest: Replaced Potions with Runes
- Earth quest: Removed some rocks
- Water quest: Removed the last line of Logs
- Water quest: Replaced all Mur'gul Blood-Gills with Makrura Snappers that will drop Wands of Lightning Shield or Runes of Lesser Healing when killed
- Water quest: Changed quest requirement text of Water Quest from "Kill all of the 20 Murlocs." to "Kill all 20 enemies."
- Water quest: Summoners are now invulnerable
- Water quest: Mur'gul Tidewarriors will drop Runes of Mana when killed
- Water quest: Removed first camera movement within the cinematic
- Water quest: Quest will now properly reset when Thrall is killed
- Water quest: Reduced target acquisition range of all enemy units to 150
- Air quest: Towers will no longer cast Taunt
- Air quest: Decreased scale of Spirit of Air
- Air quest: Cut some minor parts within the Air cinematic
- Air quest: Changed some camera angles within the Air cinematic
- Air quest: Cinematic Tornado Thrall will no longer be commandable
- Air quest: Decreased size of movement regions for the last group of hippogryphs
- Wild quest: Cut some minor parts within the Wild cinematic
- Wild quest: Reduced size of quest area
- Wild quest: Removed unnecessary damaging regions
- Wild quest: Removed Runes of Life from the Stag path
- Wild quest: Fixed initial hint texts
- Wild quest: Added Boulder Towers that will force the Stag to move back a bit when hit. Towers will also drop Runes of Restoration
- Wild quest: Added pathing Blockers (Air) to the cinematic
- Wild quest: Stag can no longer escape the playground
- Doomhammer quest: Improved camera movement and text in Doomhammer cinematic
- Doomhammer quest: Removed Reincarnation from Doomhammer
- Doomhammer quest: Thrall's death will no longer trigger the Doomhamer cinematic
- Doomhammer quest: Replaced a Potion of Lesser Invulnerability with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Doomhammer quest: Replaced a Shimmerglaze Roast with a Wand of Lightning Shield
- Doomhammer quest: Added a Potion of Mana and a second Potion of Life
- Doomhammer quest: Items will no longer appear at the beginning of the fight. Instead one item will appear every 8 seconds
- Doomhammer quest: Doomhammer will attack each item 4 seconds after its appearance
- Cut some parts within the outro cinematic
- Removed the Wind and Snow weather effects
- Removing all buffs at the start of each cinematic
- Changed the hotkey of Feral Spirit to F
- Renamed player Strange Wanderer to wanderer

Chapter 6 - 52
- Redesigned Thrall's escape area: Player will start with a few units and can free other units with no time pressure. Made area more linear
- Replaced escaping grunts and camp guards with normal grunts and footmen
- Removed escaping peons
- The Orc's Rescue is now part of the Main Quest with the objective to destroy the gate
- Repositioned two Barracks so Thrall's orcs don't have to deal with spawning units 
- Repositioned War Mill, Catapults and Neutral Buildings
- Fixed intro cinematic skip bug
- Cut some parts within the intro cinematic
- Readjusted intro cinematic for the new terrain
- Doomhammer and Hellscream can be revived at the new Altar of Storms
- Game can only be lost if Thrall dies while escaping. Thrall can be revived after his escape
- Removed optional quest "The Items"
- Removed most creeps and the hint to kill them
- Added golems to the north east that drop a Helm of Valor
- Removed all starting items from Doomhammer and Hellscream
- Fixed a bug with Thrall's starting skills
- Removed hint about Healing Salve that could be used during combat
- Replaced Great Hall doodads with Orc Houses (Burrows)
- Reduced cost of Ankh of Reincarnation from 300 to 200 gold
- Increased cost of all upgrades and merc units
- Ankh of Reincarnation can now be dropped
- Removed Staff of Teleportation from the Goblin Merchant
- Added Wand of Chain Lightning and Wand of Lightning Shield to the Goblin Merchant
- Renamed Bodyguard to Elite Knight
- Replaced Dire Frost Wolf with Spearthrower in Drek'Thar's camp
- The War Mill now produces 50 Food
- Added more Guard Towers
- Added an optional quest to rescue elite orcs to the north
- Changed name/proper name of "Paladin/Lord Karramyn Langston" to "Chief Lieutenant/Karramyn Langston"
- Removed Flame Strike effect that appeared at the center of the map
- Increased Mana of Langston from 30% to 100%
- Hiding Langston's Level Up graphics
- Removed player 3 (Citizens)
- Destroyed Barracks leaderboard will be updated correctly
- Set Stock Maximum/Stock Replenish interval/Stock Start Delay for Catapults, Frost Wolves and Spearthrowers to 3/30 seconds/0 seconds
- Intro Watch Towers are now preplaced
- Added Boots of Speed at the center lane
- Cinematic mode will no longer be deactivated at the end of the outro cinematic
- Moved Thrall's speech in outro cinematic to the starting area
- Player 12 grunts in outro now belong to player 1
- Shaman Adept/Master Training upgrades hotkey is now "H"
- Increased damage of Guard Towers from 23-28 to 33-38
- Added a way to cross between the two Barracks expansions
- Player 4 starting units are no longer hidden in outro
- Doomhammer's items will be transferred to Chapter 7
- Added Elite Guard Towers with increased damage and hit points and the ability to regenerate hit points
- All kinds of Spirit Wolves are removed during the cinematics
- New icon for Doomhammer
- Reduced experience gain for all heroes from 50% to 20% when level 7
- Removed Holy Light and Resurrection of Langston
- Increased hero level of Langston from 8 to 10
- Increased base damage of Watch Towers from 15 to 60

Chapter 7 - 34
- Complete gameplay and visual redesign
- Removed most of old Durnholde
- Relocated all player bases
- Removed all optional quests and associated cinematics
- Removed many creeps
- Refined enemy AI
- Enemies will now research upgrades and attack in different tiers after some time
- Able to control player base while looking for Taretha
- Reset speed and food cost of all enemy units
- Fixed cinematics to go along with new design
- Can research Burning Oil and Reinforced Defenses
- Increased starting level of Thrall and Doomhammer from 5 to 8 when not restored from game cache
- Doomhammers items are now imported from Chapter 6
- Peons will stop harvesting while in a cinematic
- Combined Taretha and Blackmoore cinematics into one. Skipping twice no longer required
- Can train Spearthrowers from the Barracks and upgrade Envenomed Weapons from the War Mill
- Removed player 3 (Citizens)
- Changed main quest requirement "Destroy the four main buildings" to "Destroy the Grey Base"
- Player has to destroy all buildings of Durnholde (Grey) except Farms and Towers
- Fixed description for Spirit Lodge
- Reduced time between minimap pings from 20 to 12 seconds
- Removed all tech tree requirements for enemy units
- Player 9 (Durnholde) will no longer rebuild his base
- Added a new optional quest to free captured elite orcs scattered across the map
- Units surviving the Taretha quest will be brought over to the main area
- Removed Frost Wolf hint
- Game will be lost when all player structures are destroyed
- Added runes, bundles of lumber and gold coins on the road to Taretha
- Added main quest requirement to not attack Durnholde while looking for Taretha
- Added elite knight to each enemy base
- Removed defeat condition for Drek'Thar's death
- When killed, Drek'Thar will come back to life after 30 seconds
- Increased target acquisition range of Drek'Thar from 1250 to 1700
- Drek'Thar will now only teleport to structures

Chapter 8 - 64
- Cloak of Shadows will no longer be removed at map start
- Decrease Thrall's experience gain from 100% to 45%
- Renamed Teleporter to Circle of Power
- Increased starting level of Thrall from 8 to 9 when not restored from game cache
- Changed main quest requirement text from "Find Aedelas Blackmoore and kill him" to "Kill Aedelas Blackmoore"
- The main quest completed message will now appear before the outro cinematic
- General layout: Removed linear path. Areas are now connected via Way Gates
- Added a Way Gate that will periodically alternate between 3 possible destinations
- Spider area: Added numerous spider eggs
- Spider area: Increased scale of Brood Mother
- Spider area: Now all spider eggs hatch when Thrall approaches them
- Spider area: Several spiders drop Runes
- Spider area: Spiders no longer cast Ensnare on Thrall
- Blue Flame area: Increased terrain space
- Blue Flame area: changed position and number of flame traps
- Blue Flame area: Added more types of traps
- Blue Flame area: Added more enemy units
- Sheep area: Player can now control sheep directly
- Sheep area: Renamend Mechanical Sheep to Explosive Sheep and added Kaboom! ability
- Sheep area: Sheep will be replaced infinitely
- Sheep area: Increased controllable number of sheep from 1 to 3
- Sheep area: Removed teleporters, Iron Gates and Switches
- Sheep area: Added a Blood Mage that will cast Flame Strike in regular intervals
- Sheep area: Player has to use sheep to avoid Flame Strike and destroy Rock Chunks and a Power Generator
- Sheep area: Added vision to the area as soon as Thrall enters it
- Removed player 12 (Vagabonds). All enemy units (except Blackmoore) are now neutral hostile
- Blackmoore will appear from time to time but cannot be engaged until the end fight
- Glaives area: increased damage region of glaives
- Glaives area: Decreased time between checks for when Thrall gets close to a Glaive
- Glaives area: Thrall can now only be damaged once every 1.45 seconds
- Glaives area: Increased damage of Glaives from 100 to 150
- Glaives area: added new types of glaives with different movement and speed
- Glaives area: Added neutral hostile Satyrs
- Glaives area: Added more space
- Glaives area: Added vision to the area as soon as Thrall enters it
- Glaives area: Added an additional Rune and a Healing Potion
- Glaives area: Added 2 switches that need to be pressed to activate a Way Gate
- Flood area: Removed Rising Water doodads and gameplay mechanics
- Flood area: Increased size of area, added deep water and a transport ship
- Flood area: Added gates that need to be opened by pressing switches
- Flood area: Added more types of Water Elementals and Earth-Fury Towers
- Flood area: Earth-Fury Towers will drop items that can create other Earth-Fury Towers
- Flood area: Replaced a Circlet of Nobility with a Cloak of Flames
- Bandits area: Increased size of area
- Bandits area: Removed the Charing Pan, rock chunks and Catapult
- Bandits area: Replaced Shadow Meld of Brigands with Permanent Invisibility
- Bandits area: Added Slow Poison to Brigands
- Bandits area: Added Sentry Ward items to the area and Brigands
- Bandits area: Removed all Land Mines
- Fire area: Removed the Dalaran Shield weather effect
- Fire area: Added sound to Fire units
- End fight: Removed Flesh Golem and Switches
- End fight: Music theme will be repeated until outro is played
- End fight: Reduced Blackmoore reaction time for items from 2.0 to 1.5 seconds
- End fight: Music theme will no longer deactivate when minimizing the game
- End fight: Runes will be created before fire, not after
- End fight: Blackmoore will no longer move unless there is an item
- End fight: Replaced Blackmoore's Shockwave with Drunken Haze
- End fight: Blackmoore will no longer take damage from fire
- End fight: After a while two fires will be created
- Moved Thrall a bit further from the Gate in the Fight cinematic
- Removed a minor scene in the outro cinematic
- Removed player 4 (Neutral)
- Added Tomes of Experience to multiple enemies

Outro - 9
- Merged the modified Chapter 1 and the new Chapter 7
- Complete remake of camera and unit movement
- Removed some minor scenes and dialogue
- Removed rain effect
- Combined credits of "Idea and Execution" and "Triggers" into "Design"
- Removed "Music" credits
- Added additional "Models, Skins and Art" credits and named them "Additional Art and Music"
- Added  ChevronSeven, Tauer, Frankster, Stanakin sniper_zero and darklord_avalon to the credits
- Removed Blizzard, Gladiator and The Matrix Trilogy from the credits