Settlers 7: Paths to a udom

Buid up strategy game.

Shadow of the Xel'Naga

Custom campaign for StarCraft II. Playable alone or with a friend.

The Last Guardian

Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III.

Day of the Dragon

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Lord of the Clans

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Unity Engine Projects

Unity Engine projects for university.

Video walkthroughs of Lord of the Clans and The Last Guardian

A YouTube user named Alphcarus has uploaded a complete video walkthrouh of my WarCraft 3 campaign Lord of the Clans. You can watch it here.

There is also a walkthrough of The Last Guardian in progess. So check out it out here.

Hopefully Alphcarus will complete the series on TLG and also do videos on Day of the Dragon some day.

StarCraft Geeks Pickup Girls

This is so silly, I just had to post this!


Kinguin Overwatch - 300x250