21 October 2011

PayPal Donations now accepted

To help me make the best possible WarCraft 3 and StarCraft 2 projects you can now donate any amount of money by using the "Donate"-button on the right upper corner of this blog. Please leave a comment if you do so. Thank you.

16 October 2011

SotX Chapter 2 finished

The second chapter of my book-based campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga was finished a couple of minutes ago. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta-test!

I had already started with some early design concepts for Chapter 3 some weeks ago, but now I will take a long break from mapping in order to clear my head, concentrate on my studies and come back with renewed energy for Chapter 3!

06 October 2011

SotX: Chapter 2 ready for public testing!

After many months of hard work Chapter 2 is now ready for public testing. It now has eight times the amount of content than the demo had. It takes me 40 minutes of ingame-time to complete it, and I know the ins and out. My guess is that any other person would need 60-120 minutes.

Added tons of content, new abilities, many things to improve gameplay-fluency. If you are in any way interested in playing a Point & Click adventure within the SC2-universe, THIS is your chance!

I need testers to test:
- everything (fun, riddles, controls, bugs, appeal)

[b]EU-testers required[/b]. Add me on Bnet (OutsiderXE.147) or post your ID here. You can also find me on ICQ at 294455875.

24 September 2011

SotX Chapter 2 Design Document page

Here's a small glimpse of the work that goes into designing SotX Chapter 2 prior to touching the editor. In the middle you can see he linear gameplay experience for the players. On the right side the overall abilities and items available to the players.
I try to find a balance where each player has an equal amount of tasks, without stepping too much on each other's toes. I also try to limit repetition. I'm currently focusing on reducing the overall amount of tasks while still giving each ability a purpose. Yep, it's too much and the map is already very big at this point. No need to let player do the same stuff over and over.

18 September 2011

Shadow of the Xel'Naga I Demo enters Nibbits-Contest

I've submitted a demo version of my map "Shadow of the Xel'Naga: Chapter 1 - Welcome to Bhekar Ro" to a contest over at sc2.nibbits.com. You can read all about the contest here: http://sc2.nibbits.com/contests/6/. First prize is Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam. I want that!

Entering the contest also means you can now freely download the demo version of my map.
Do so here: http://sc2.nibbits.com/maps/project/77242/shadow-of-the-xelnaga-i

Full version has more areas, objectives, cutscenes and abilities. It features around 50% more content than the demo.

04 September 2011

SotX Chapter 2 Status Update

Over the last six weeks I've been busy play-testing and tweaking the second gameplay part of Chapter 2. This weekend I also managed to do 95% of all visuals in this part. Here are a couple of teasers featuring the revamped a cinematic, the Multiple-Choice-Dialogue-System and the ability Salvage.

The colonists of Free Haven discuss the alien wreckage.

Ghandi Ryan has lost his adoptive son.

The Robo-Harvester is about to use its Salvage ability.

The Robo-Harvester has salvaged some items from this wreckage.
The second of three parts for this map is now almost complete. I'll try and make a video from this part so I can get a couple of testers to help me playtest this part of the map.

After testing, I could just wrap the rest of it up in a cinematic and move on to the next map, but I've created additional content for this map that I wasn't able to include into the first and second part. I'll continue working on this map for a while, but the third part will probably not be as big as the previous.

24 July 2011

Tiny steps towards completion

There are still tons of things left to do before Chapter 2 can be called complete, but today I made a significant step towards that goal. The second part of this map has become fully playable, which means from now on it's only about tweaks and improvements before I can wrap it up and move on to the third and final part of this map.

Other than that I've been busy playing Witcher: Enhanced Edition during the last couple of weeks. It's a pretty good game with a nice dark-fantasy atmosphere. Combat-system could be better though.

08 July 2011

The state of SotX: Chapter 2

Last weeked I revamped the dialogue system. NPC now don't just blabber away but the player can actually choose from a set of topics. I'm thinking about doing an all-out mutliple-choice dialogue system but for the moment I am sticking to this one.

As you (probably don't) know Chapter 2 is divided into three parts, each divided by cutscenes and with the following parts having slightly more abilities and content than the previous parts. Extensive testing with external players has helped me shape the quality of the map. I spent the last week reworking the map design document for the second part. I've designed all the little puzzles and gameplay routines needed for a working game experience for the second part. Now the only thing left to do is build these things in the editor. I've been sick for th past two days but I'm positive that a good amount of work can be done over the following weekend.

The overall progress of the map is currently at around 30%. All the important systems are set up. 80% gamplay content and graphics are missing.

It is the first time I'm working this extensively with PowerPoint for a private project. I'm thinking about publishing the map design document for Chapter 2 once it is finished, for other mappers and possible employers to browse through.

23 June 2011

Shadow of the Xel'Naga: Chapter 2 sighted!

StarCraft: Shadow of the Xel'Naga - Chapter Two

These are the first five minutes of a 10-20 minutes demo I've worked on for the second Chapter in my campaign. Unlike the GTA/WC3-like hero-gameplay of the first Chapter this one is actually a Point & Click Adventure!


This map is not yet available on Battle.net. Please respond to this video with your Battle.net EU-ID or add me (OutsiderXE.147) if you want to help me test it. EU only!

Map Features:
  • Point and Click Adventure gameplay.
  • 10 to 20 minutes of playtime.
  • Four difficulty levels that vary the amount of ingame help.
  • Fixed camera system (can be switched to classic RTS camera).
  • Dialog-basedInventory system
  • Optional Two-player-coop.
  • Proper terrain and cinematics.

14 June 2011

Updated Portfolio

I've unlocked my online portfolio for the general public. I've also updated its visuals to be on par with this blog, which make it much clearer to read. You may browse through it as you like. You'll find it here.

04 June 2011

Blizzard looking for Lead Campaign Designer

I wonder what this is about. Did the old guy leave? Do they need fresh ideas? Is it about the cooperative campaign they talked about? Is it for Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void?

 Blizzard, if you are reading this, please take another look at my portfolio. I know it's still a long way to become a Lead Map Designer within your company for me, but I daresay I'm good enough for a smaller level design position. I'm confident with your mapping tools, I love the Blizzard game lore, I've made three of the most popular fanmade campaigns for WarCraft 3 out there, I have gathered experience at a professional video game developer, and I have a lot more credentials you can see in my portfolio.

 The StarCraft II team is looking for a talented lead campaign designer with experience in developing top-quality, real-time strategy (RTS) computer games. Duties include leading and providing vision for a team of level designers, creating interesting and dynamic levels and mechanics, general game design, and having the ability to tie everything together into a comprehensive campaign experience. The ideal candidate has proven experience in both level and game design, leading team design meetings, possesses outstanding "people" and leadership skills, and has the ability to create a vision for levels and drive them to completion.

  • A minimum of 5 years game design experience including lead design experience on a shipped product
  • Able to work well in a team environment, as well as provide leadership and vision for a team of designers
  • Great sense for what makes a game or level fun to play
  • Able to evaluate and tune individual missions, story, and game mechanics to create a cohesive campaign experience
  • Experience creating levels from concept to publishing using an RTS game editor such as the StarCraft II, Warcraft III editor, or equivalent
  • Able to do scripting or using triggers in game toolset
  • Able to make an artistically interesting environment using textures, height, and doodads
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Absolute passion for playing and making computer games, especially RTS games 
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • Experience working as a level designer in the video games industry
  • Published RTS maps from a shipping game or created and distributed maps for the mod/fan community
  • Extensive experience playing Blizzard Entertainment strategy games
  • Non-design development experience (as a programmer, artist, sound designer, etc.)
  • Experience in Photoshop and / or Vizio

- Link: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/careers/posting.html?id=100004Q

28 May 2011

Brink DLC Details

Here's the original message:

Today we've got some exciting news to share about two big Brink updates in the works.
First up, the statistics site will be going live next Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players. PC players can look forward to it going very soon. This site, located at brinkthegame.com, will be your hub for in-depth stats, including data on matches, players and the overall progress in the weekly Battle for the Ark. Check out the screenshot above for a sneak peek and dig up that VIP code as you’ll need it to register once the stats page is live.

On top of that, the Agents of Change DLC is just on the horizon, slated for release in June. The pack will bring new maps, abilities, character customization options and weapon attachments to Brink, while also raising the level cap to 24. Here's a full list of the DLC content:

New Maps
  • Founders' Tower – The revolution finally reaches the island's iconic spire and takes the battle for the Ark to dizzying heights.
  • Labs – Venture into the depths of the Ark’s original research and development laboratories, a submerged high-tech facility so far untouched by the civil war.

New Player Abilities
  • UAV – This stealthy and lethal device allows Operatives to automatically mark nearby enemies on their radar. For more explosive fun, they can even take direct control of the UAV and detonate it near unsuspecting foes.
  • Napalm Grenade – Soldiers can use this new grenade to cover an area in a sea of deadly flames.
  • Pyro Mine – Engineers can plant these mines and leave enemies in the epicenter of a massive napalm explosion.
  • Field Regen Unit – Medics can deploy these units to increase the health regeneration of any nearby teammates.
  • Tactical Scanner – This universal ability allows players to reveal the active buffs of their opponents, allowing them to pick off enemies more strategically.

New Weapon Attachments
  • Bayonets – Gain the edge in melee combat and cause extra damage with these deadly blades.
  • Weapon Shields – Take cover from enemy fire and prevent headshot bonus damage behind riot-style shields.

New Character Outfits
  • The Sad Punk – Add a touch of Steampunk to your Resistance character.
  • The Limey – Bring order to the Ark with this outfit inspired by traditional European police lawmen.

StarCraft II - Heart of the Swarm Teaser

Blizzard invited some press and fansites to an in-house event. I expect first campaign impression for the beginning of June, if not in the following days.

27 May 2011

Changes to blog - Episode III

Along with some more links I added to the right side column, here are some additional changes.
  • Upper row now shows a link to my very own Forum on CampaignCreations.org.
  • Games to look forward to changed to Events to look forward to to include more variation.
  • Total Page Visitors changed to show only the last 7 days. Don't want to reveal every detail :p
Go check out the forum and tell me what you think!

26 May 2011

Zero Punctuation reviews Brink

I got Brink a week ago and according to Steam I've only played 7 hours, which is correct of course. It is probably the worst game I've played this year. I'm lucky to have only paid 15€ for it. I got it at MediaMarkt at a 3 games for 49€. A colleague of mine bought the two other games for himself.

I played some Coutner-Strike in a clan in it's prime, some Battlefield 1942 and some more Unreal Tournamet team modes but that aside I'm not much of a team-shooter person. I like dominating quick Deathmatch games. I got the game because some colleagues (huge Bad Company 2 fans) thought it might cut a down the wait for Battlefield 3 a little and I thought it would be a nice idea to play along.

Of course they were more dissapointed than I was. For a change, I'll let someone else inform you about the pros and cons of this game. Zero Punctuation, a very funny weekly game review site.

Attention! A lot of sarcasm in this video!

Changes to blog - Episode II

I've dropped the StarCraft II look for the previously announced friendly white look. it was due to some technical difficulties, but I also believe that this white look will promote a lot more content that isn't entirely game-based. As of now I've no clue what that is going to be but I'll think of something, trust me!

But this white look isn't just the second choice. It is supposed to represent a clean, polished and professional feel. This is why, amongst many other features I will now be linking this site to my other blog, which is my level design portfolio, although future plans are to merge the content of the portfolio blog into this one.

Some other changes/new features:

  • Video Bar - From time to time I'll be updating my YouTube-account with videos of my current projects. The Video Bar also has the ability to search for videos uploaded by other YouTube-users whose videos are somehow affiliated with me.
  • Top Part Link List - Direct links to the Main Page, my Portfolio and ways to get in contact with me.
  • News Archive - Now on top of the blog to save some space.
  • Slideshow - Will be updated more often in future, hopefully :)
  • Poll - Any interesting questions I might have for you.
  • Removed - Bitch of the Week, Quote of the Week, Hero of the Week. Might get a comeback in the future.
  • Total Pageviews - Total pageviews that are NOT MINE!
Personal Profile

Dedicated team player, innovative level designer and absolutely passionate gamer with first experiences in working for a professional video game developer and publisher; long-term fan of Blizzard, especially its RTS games and their lore, with a strong background in fan/mod level design.


A challenging level/game design position in the ever-growing entertainment industry, working for a premier developer on the highest-quality video games.

24 May 2011

Changes to blog

As you can see I've made changes to the visual style of the blog. I've dropped the self-created dark StarCraft-style and choose a premade blogger template I found on btemplates.com. THe original idea was to have a very neutral and friendly look with bright colors, but for now I'll stick to this style.

Because the style is still work-in-progress some of the features will not be available for some time.

I will add more information on the status of this blog, but for now, I gotta go. :)

20 May 2011

Games I Played 2010 - Ranks 8 - 1

First of all you shoul be aware that I've updated Ranks 17 - 9 (now 18 - 9). I had forgotten to include The Tales of Monkey Island.

8. Dragon Age: Awakening - The Add-on to the first Dragon Age game started out slow and, for me, inconsistently. In my version of Origins I chose to dismiss Alistair and now in Awakening he suddenly appears in front of me as king. I wish there had been more consistency between the games even if you don't choose to continue with your old character. Aside from that, the story started slow and then became more and more complex into an amazing finale. I won't spoil too much. The gameplay was Dragon Age-like very good. - 83%

7. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - I'm a huge fan of the Sands of Time trilogy and I was afraid they would mess up its storyline with a forced PoP set between PoP1 and PoP2. They didn't mess it up because storywise TFS has nothing to do with the series. Yes, you have the protagonists and its set timeweise between PoP1 and PoP2 but other than that you never quite get into the usual PoP atmosphere. - 84%

6. BioShock 2 - It started out slow. Really slow. The beginning was lacking the monumental feeling of 'Where-there-heck-am-I-and-what-the-bleep-is-going-on?' of BioShock 1, but as the game progressed I got to value the smoother gameplay mechanics and the more involving storyline. It was really cute beign a big daddy looking for your little sister... I mean daughter. In the end I liked it even more than the first Bioshock. - 84%

5. Dragon Age: Origins - Yes, you've heard me on and on that I don't like long games because they often seem to drag the experience towards repetetive situations. DAO breaks that pattern because it throws at you an uncountable amount of skills and abilities, you get to switch the heroes in your group pretty often and the and it changes the setting every 5-10 hours. But heck, I still needed almost 6 months (around 60 hours of gameplay) to complete the game. The variety wasn't really what got me: It were the rich storyline, the immersive atmosphere and the likeable characters with their lengthy, but very interesting dialogues. It was really a dark version of Lord of the Rings, and yes, I liked those movies despite their length. - 85%

4. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition - What can I say? It's just like the classic MI2 but with updated sound, graphics and control. Everything you loved about Guybrush and his company is there. You could argue about the visuals, or just switch to classic mode and enjoy the good old 320x240 MI2 without sound and clumsy controls. - 86%

3. Sam and Max: Season 3 - The Devil's Playzone - I played the original Sam'n'Max game many years after its release. It was one of those old iconic  must-have-played games and for that it was fun. I also played casually through Season 1 and Season 2 and I thought Telltale did an excellent job with the episodic system *cough* unlike Valve *cough*. But Season 3, wow, was that a ride! Each episode has a unique style, setting and gameplay mechanics. Zombies, Indiana Jones, Godzilla and more, it's all in there. Telltale also gave the players the opportunity to control Max's new psyvhic powers which were also really fun. But the main reason why Season 3 is on rank 3 of this list is its story. Towards the end players will have witnessed a marvelous story with numerous shocking twists and turns. I almost shed a tear. Knowledge of previous seasons required. - 86%

2. Mass Effect 2
I prefer Sci-Fi over Fantasy. Fantasy often seems to rehash black and white good vs evil concepts in a very distant world. Sci-Fi on the other hand usually has its roots in an earth-based society dealing with daily problems (food, energy etc.) or the occasional alien invasion. ME1 had excellent storytelling, combining the best of universes like Stargate, Star Wars and the likes. It was like the old Knights of the old Republic, featuring extremely rich atmosphere, detailed characters and some of the best dialogues in any computer game. ME2 is basically more of the same, although it's focus is more on your teammates story than the global threat to mankind. Gameplay-wise it's also focused much more on Gears-of-War-like cover-system instead of the abilities of your team. It's something one might have to get used to but it certainly doesn't make the game any worse. It's still one of the best of 2010. - 89%

1. Assassin's Creed II - The first Assassin's Creed was an excellently stylish game. Visuals, audio, storytelling and characters led to one of the most immersive experiences I have ever played. Unfortunately it's mission design got repetetive. ACII enhances the cinematic aspect of ACI, givse it anothr chool main character in another fresh setting and blows my fucking brains out when it comes to mission design. The missions are never repetetive (except for some DLC stuff in the later stages of the game) and stay as fresh as virtually possible. ACII is basically a new GTA set in the era of the italian rennaisance with a deep and clever storyline and excellent graphics. It is the best game I played in 2010. - 90%

19 March 2011

Selling Games on Ebay

I'm now selling a couple of games on Ebay.de.


Click on any name or image to go to its respective ebay-page with full details and instructions on the buyout.

23 February 2011

Game Design Document

At the moment I'm spending more time transferring my ideas to a proper game/map design document for SotX Chapter 2 instead of working on the actual map. It's pretty funny because I used to have only 5-10 pages of Word documents for a map. Now I'm going all out detailing every tiny feature Chapter 2 is going to have on a PowerPoint presentation. I'm listing things like map flow, enemy unit types, usable item types, combination of riddles and more and giving each a clear role in the map. I'm using PowerPoint because it helps SO MUCH visualizing the specifics of a map.

Here you can see the flow chart of items that have to be combined in order to complete a sub-quest. Approximate play time for this part alone should be around 10-15 minutes.

In WarCraft 3 I improvized most of this stuff. This time I want to get it done right before I put hands on the editor. It will increase the effort and amoutn of time required to complete it, but hopefully this will reflect on the quality of the map. The first version of the map document is about 20% finished.

05 February 2011

Status of SotX Chapters 1 and 2

SotX01 is finished and polished but is being held back until some private issues are resolved. It might also not get released until all 7 chapters are complete. At the moment it is unclear as to when that will be.
I've started working on some early design ideas for Chapter 2 but I've already hit a road block. I'm still a newbie with the Data Editor so I'll spend the next weeks digging through tutorials until I'm able to create the Data I need for Chapter 2.
I remember back in WC3 I didn't bother much with its equivalent of the Data Editor. Most cool spells back then were made in WC3's script language JASS which was way too complex for me. Now, the SC2 Data Editor may be complex as well, but it feels like it is something better connected to the stuff happening in the SC2 Editor. Mastering the Data Editor will allow me to create spells, abilities, units, etc. that will fit my needs better than creations of outside sources.

18 January 2011

SotX Chapter 1 featured on front page of SC2Mapster

Please check out the link, also participate in the discussion by clicking on the title in the news or the comments (title preferred).

13 January 2011

Lord of the Clans 1.02

- All: Fixed some grammar errors in the english version.
- All: Smoothed Terrain on some ramps.
- Chapter 2: Repositioned secret exit in internment camp.
- Chapter 4: Reduced time for Pig quest.
- Chapter 6: Repositioned barracks and heroes destination
- Chapter 6: Reduced levels of skills for Langston.

08 January 2011

Games I Played 2010 - Unranked Games

There are some games I played 2010 thatI feel unable to rank in an honest fashion. I either didn't play them enough or I feel like I'm to close to them. Let me explain in detail:

- Settlers 7 - I was a Level Designer for 13 months on that game, my first AAA game ever. I'm very proud of my work and the overall work the team put into it, but since I'll never be able to abandon that inside view and play the game as a normal gamer would I just can't rate it. Suffice it to say that it's definitely worth a look for everyone who is into Build-Up-Strategy but also Board-games as it combines both of these game types magnificently.

- Worms Reloaded - I just played a couple of quick matches against the AI but never against a human player. I'm a fan of the old Worms games but only with buddies playing at the same PC. That just never happened, at least not in 2010.

- StarCraft 2 - Pretty dissapointed by the storyline but impressed by the gameplay mechanics in Singleplayer. Multiplayer can be frustrating when losing to often. It's not perfect but I know this game will stick with me for many thanks to the editor and future expansions. It's not just a game.

- Call of Duty: Black Ops - Finished the first mission two times now but never really got around to playing the whole damn thing. Thank you StarCraft II :D

- World of WarCraft: Cataclysm - Suffered the same fate as Black Ops. Thanks to SC2 I didn't have enough time to fully experience this game. But from what I've seen while leveling a Goblin Mage from 1 to 15 it's a very memorable ride.

Ranks 8 - 1 will follow in the near future.

07 January 2011

New SC2 melee map - Twisted Meadows XE

I've taken a smaller break from my Shadow of the Xel'Naga map to contribute to a WC3-to-SC2 melee map remake contest. I will also submit this map to participate in the Teamliquid Map of the Month Contest.

It is a four player map designed with 1on1 in mind on the Aiur setting. The natural expansions are easily defended but hidden paths and destructible rocks may provide attack oppurtunities for enemy players. Island expansions provide additional resources. A single Xel'Naga Watchtower is overlooking the central battlefield.

You can find this map on EU-Battle.net by searching for 'Twisted Meadows XE'.

05 January 2011

Games I finished 2010 - Ranks 18 - 9 (Update)

Here I thought I would play fewer different games with the release of two extremely time-consuming Blizzard games, but I actually played twenty-two games this year of which I finished almost every single one. Here's a list with a mini-review and my personal rating for each game I finished.

18. Aliens vs Predator - This one could have been so much cooler, but the controls suck and the fights are too melee focused. The Singleplayer campaigns are forgetable. I wish Monolith (who made the great AvP2) had made the game and not Rebellion. - 70%

17. Star Wars - The Force Unleashed 2 - It has some really spectacular moments like the fall from a ship and the fight with this uber-monster but ultimately falls short compared to its predecessor. TFU1 was much longer, had a much better storyline that fit perfectly between Episode 3 and 4. They should have advertised and sold this one as a cheap add-on. - 71%

16. Black Sails - It sounded very promising: Deck13 is one of my favourite developers for point'n'click adventures and I'd been wanting to play a horror adventure for a very long time. Unfortunately the used a comic look and the story isn't really spectacular. Also the two protagonists were quickly going on my nerves. Luckily it was a short adventure. - 72%

15. Splinter Cell Conviction - I was afraid that it would be too much action. It certainly has the option to play it stealth-like but it it feels more like work doing it this time around. Fortunately the cinematography is really cool which made it like a playable 24-season, but the storyline still is a little shallow and the gameplay, as feared, way too action oriented, and not really good at that. - 75%

14. Mafia 2 - I wasn't a huge Mafia 1 fan to begin with. I wasn't blown away by the storyline and neither the gameplay ever came close to GTA3. Mafia 2 has interesting characters in a complex storyline with some nice missions but doesn't really offer much aside from the 15 hour campaign. It's nothing out of the ordinary. Neither bad, nor very good. - 78%

13. Tales of Monkey Island - The episodic system worked fine fo the new Sam and Max but when announced for a new Monkey Island I was so afraid of it. Luckily they create each episode as a chaapter of a larger storyline. Storywise the game was really cool, with a really cool twist at the end of the fourth episode. What I didn't like was the stupid mermaid folk. I don't remember Monkey Island ever having inhuman humanoid creatures, other than undead of course. Also the riddles were pretty dumbed down and the background got repetetive after the third episode. 80%

12. Metro 2033 - One of the most atmospheric games this year that offers good old shooter action but with too many flaws to make it into the Top 10. The enemy AI feels unrealistic and often stupid and the ammunition & buy system just didn't work out for me. I also didn't like the ending very much, but no spoilers here. - 80%

11. Amnesia - The Dark Descent - If there was a price for honorary mentions outside the Top 10 than Amnesia was the game to get it. Despite the flawed engine it was the most atmospheric and scariest game I had played in a very long time. Reminded me of the old Thief-games. Amnesia really does something no game has ever tried before: It puts you in scary situations without ANY weapons, so the only thing you can do when enemies appear is run and hide. Inbetween those psychedelic situations you solve some simple physic puzzles. I really hope Frictional Games' next title will take up this experience and extend it. - 80%

10. Fallout New Vegas - I'm not one to get easily excited for long games, sicne I like to have clear beginning, middle and end to my stories. But sometimes it just gets me. I spend over 80 hours in Oblivion and around 15 hours in Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas came at the right time with an interesting sci-fi-western scenario, cool characters (YES MAN!) and fun side quests. Unfortunetely I hit the level cap after around 50 houts and then I didn't feel like I was getting much more out of the game. I rushed towards the ending. But any game that can keep me entertained for this amount of time will certainly be remembered well by me. - 81%

09. Battlefield Bad Company 2 - I like the Modern Warfare direction they took with the Bad Company series and I'm certainly glad for it to return to the PC. It may lack the certain boom!-factor that Modern Warfare has but it makes for for it with driveable vehicles and a likeable cast. Oh, and the graphics look nice :) - 82%

I will post Ranks 8 - 1 in the near future. Also look out for a list of games I played but did not finish!

04 January 2011

Videos on Day of the Dragon's Dragons

Yesterday while combing through Youtube I found out someone posted videos on the Dragon Aspect cinematics from my WarCraft 3 campaign Day of the Dragon.

Krasus meets Malygos the Blue, the Spellweaver.

Krasus meets Ysera the Green, She of the Dreaming.

If you've become curious right now as to what my campaigns are all about, there are links to all my projects on the right side panel (Download Links) of this blog.