Settlers 7: Paths to a udom

Buid up strategy game.

Shadow of the Xel'Naga

Custom campaign for StarCraft II. Playable alone or with a friend.

The Last Guardian

Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III.

Day of the Dragon

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Lord of the Clans

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Unity Engine Projects

Unity Engine projects for university.

Settlers - Paths to a Kingdom Closed Beta started

For those who haven't got the word yet: You can register at german gamesites like 4Players or to get a code for the latest game in the Settlers series. The client is about 1,47GB large.

For more information on the game check out the Settlers 7 website or the Blue Byte twitter.

Some changes to the map

The most significant addition is probably that I have added basic gameplay stuff like weapons, upgrades, AI paths and some jump pads. No elevators for the time being.

Today I added a big spire to have an open but difficult-to-reach spot for the Invulnerability upgrade. You can only get to it wit the jump boots beneath the spire. I may add additional ways to reach the top of the spire, or not. I've added a corridor to one of the larger rooms, which is supposed to be a good way to snipe other people through windows. A big problem is the open space in the center of the map. I don't think it's wise to let a player at any given time see really, really far, in too many directions. This was another reason for adding the spire. I've also added a lot of walls here and there. To compensate for the immobility I have changed some of the pathing for the player. I fixed some walkways and doorways to let players reach other places in the map faster.

New layout for UT3 Map

A couple of days ago I took photos of my school because it striked me how its geometry would fit nicely into a UT3 level. It has multiple floors, equal interior and exterior areas and its general design makes for something decent.

I have removed the upper floor, as it would be too much repetition in rooms. I will add some balconies instead for some more outdoor action. I will also add more ways to get around the map. Currently, along with these things, I am adding all sorts of pick-ups (weapons, upgrades, health etc.), AI-pathing and in the near future elevators and jump-pads, to test gameplay. I am also thinking about adding water or hazardous environment, but unfortunately the current layout forbids this.

I still haven't decided which artistic direction I am going to take with this, though but I am pending between a dark city look and a futuristic gothic look.

UT3 Map Project started

Over the weekend I taught myself the basics of how to use the Unreal Tournament 3 Editor. I plan to create a deathmatch map for the Multiplayer Online Shooter.

As I want my first map for this game to not just be another newbie map, I plan to take as much time as needed to make it as great as possible. Most importantly I wanted to include the experience I had gathered with Blue Byte on working on maps, which means, doing a lot of research, sketches and testing before starting on the actual map.

This screenshot shows an example of an arena where I try to test the effects of having a multi-floor map.

I am not that good with sketches so I will probably often take a look at other professional maps and try out different layouts until I am happy.


Kinguin Overwatch - 300x250