Settlers 7: Paths to a udom

Buid up strategy game.

Shadow of the Xel'Naga

Custom campaign for StarCraft II. Playable alone or with a friend.

The Last Guardian

Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III.

Day of the Dragon

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Lord of the Clans

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Unity Engine Projects

Unity Engine projects for university.

The Last guardian almost finished

I'm currently on a short break from work until the end of the week. I've replayed the campaign numerous times and while some heavy gamebreaker-bugs appeared I put the playtesting on hold, fixed those bugs (hopefully, otherwise I have to fix every bug 2 times (one for the german, the other for the english version)) and started with the translation of the project last night.

Translation is going much better than expected: 30% done so far. If I keep up this pace and shit doesn't explode too much when playtesting it again I will release it on August 9th. If something doesn't work out it will be August 16th as planned (has to be a Sunday evening/night because weekends are when I can spend most of the time with the project).


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