Settlers 7: Paths to a udom

Buid up strategy game.

Shadow of the Xel'Naga

Custom campaign for StarCraft II. Playable alone or with a friend.

The Last Guardian

Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III.

Day of the Dragon

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Lord of the Clans

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Unity Engine Projects

Unity Engine projects for university.

10 years old!

Two days ago this blog site became ten years old! I totally forgot about it so I didn't think of anything special to write.

Here are some highlights from each year:

In 2007 this site was a bit more varied. It had more general gaming news and some short stories I wrote myself, just to practise a bit of english. I wrote the story My Superpowers while attending an school for english language learners.

2008 was a relatively quiet year. I was away for 5 months to do military service. Yes, 5 months, not 6 as the blog post said, because I had broken my leg.

In 2009 I had the lowest amount of blog posts up to this day, but there were some very cool highlights. My WarCraft 3 campaigns Day of the Dragon and Lord of the Clans were featured on the DVD of the german magazine PC Games. Also, I released my third WarCraft 3 campaign The Last Guardian.

In contrast to 2009, the year 2010 had the most amount of blog posts up to this day, largely in thanks to the release of StarCraft II. I also visited Gamescom for the first time. 2010 also saw the release of the first updates for each of my WarCraft 3 campaigns and the announcement of my StarCraft II campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga.

2011 featured some major changes to the design of this blog, another update for Lord of the Clans, and the start of a series called Games I Played where I rank each game I played for the first time every year.

The year 2012 was centered a lot around Diablo III. I also marked the start of YouTube videos and walkthroughs based on my campaigns. Up to this day they are some of the most popular custom campaigns with the most videos on YouTube.

2013 was the year in which I paused writing about random things, and started focusing mostly on my projects and the blog site. My WarCraft 3 campaigns got some cool updates and you can see that the lists of changes got bigger and bigger with each update: LotC 1.03, DotD 1.02, TLG 1.02. It also marks the year for the most recent change in the design of this blog site and the addition of my portfolio website.

2014 focused almost exclusively on my upcoming StarCraft campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. I got to answer a very interesting question: Will Shadow of the Xel'Naga be better than Lord of the Clans?

By 2015 my WarCraft 3 campaigns had established a reputation, and I felt that I had grown a lot as a level designer, but that growth in me wasn't reflected very well in my campaigns, so I accepted the challenge to improve all of them in drastic ways. LotC 1.04 added new maps, changed the design and gameplay for a lot of the existing maps and added new custom imports. DotD 1.03 added new and improved existing hero abilities, improved terrain and gameplay. There was also the debate about paid mods in Skyrim. I wrote my two cents. Probably even more important (to me!) was the actual release of my StarCraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga, after 5,5 years of work!

2016 was marked by more updates for some of my campaigns. TLG 1.04 merged numerous gameplay areas, leading to a tighter experience. It also improved the camera system and added new abilities. It's also the first and only time I have recorded myself opening 418 Overwatch loot boxes.

In 2017, after updating The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Xel'Naga again, I participated in the Rock the Cabinet contest. I must admint, I had never played co-op before, so I spent a lot of time analyzing the gameplay of the SC2 co-op mode, and I am very happy to have won third place!

I don't know what the future holds. I wish I could tell you I am secretly working on all of these projects, and Rise of the Horde, and War of the Ancients and more, but creating new campaigns from scratch has become a very time-consuming affair. Maybe for a WarCraft 4 or WarCraft 3 Remaster... It's not like there isn't enough content to go around. Check out all the awesome custom campaigns for StarCraft 2 and WarCraft 3.

See you on the battlefield!

- OutsiderXE

Primal Ascension wins third place!

The results are finally in. My Starcraft 2 map wins third place in the Rock the Cabinet 2017 co-op contest. Blizzard has created a video to showcase the winners. Watch here:

I'm so happy I have made it this far. Thanks to everybody who has enjoyed playing Primal Ascension, and especially those who voted ;)

This might have been my last map for a Blizzard game, but I still have a few updates for existing projects planned.

Primal Ascension in the Top Five!

My Starcraft 2 co-op map Primal Ascension has made it to the top five! The competition isn't over yet. Blizzard will decide the placements from 1 to 5 in the coming days (or weeks). Thanks to all voters!

Placements by votes:
(Top 5 will be moving on to the final phase)
1. Armory Retaking - 2577 votes
2. Cradle of Death - 2239 votes
3. Primal Ascension - 2114 votes
4. Death From Above - 2028 votes
5. Part and Parcel - 1704 votes
(6-10 win 250$, a Void Probe Plush, and a Pylon USB Charger)
6. Immortal Siege - 1678 votes
7. Mercenary Business - 1656 votes
8. Construction Yard - 1596 votes
9. Solar Right - 1006 votes
10. Scavenger Hunt - 966 votes


The Last Guardian 1.05

Hey guys,

the past months I have been updating my third WarCraft 3 campaign The Last Guardian.

Features include:
- Revamped inventory system: A dialog now prompts the player to use an item or combine it with another item.
- Multiple difficulty levels that change the amount of enemies, items, and help with solving puzzles.
- Magic Stash that provides 6 additional inventory slots and can be teleported to Khadgar.
- Lockpicking now works via abilities
- Almost 200 other bugfixes/gameplay changes

You can download the update from or by going to the downloads page on this blog.

See below for a complete list of changes:

Update 1.05: 194 fixes

Inventory and Items - 13
- Items are no longer directly used or combined
- A dialog now prompts the player to use an item or combine it with another item
- Removed transmissions which tell the player which items are missing when trying to combine
- Added generic transmissions "I can't use it by itself." and "I can't combine these."
- New ability Magic Stash. Can store items and be summoned to wherever Khadgar is
- Removed Chest Keys on Hard difficulty
- Changed number of maximum attempts on Chests from 3 to 2/3/4
- Added "useless" items on Normal and Hard difficulty
- ItemReceived sound is now played more often when creating non-Alchemy items
- Fixed description of Mind Egg
- Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Speed from 0.6 to 1.0
- Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Greater Speed from 1.0 to 1.6
- Added a special effect whenever Khadgar successfully uses or combines items

Lockpicking - 6
- Replaced Arrow Keys-lockpicking with an ability-based lockpicking system
- Picklocking now costs 15 mana for each try
- Alchemy (and Magic Stash) no longer available while lockpicking
- Camera will no longer move in RTS mode when lockpicking
- Removed "I think that was wrong" transmission while lockpicking
- Added green and red color to floating texts while lockpicking

Multiple maps - 22
- Added difficulty selection (Easy, Normal, Hard)
- Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
- User control is disabled less often
- Removed casting time of Flame Strike
- Increased cooldown of Alchemy from 2.0 to 2.2 seconds
- Replaced ItemReceived with Feedback sound when using Alchemy
- Fixed description of Alchemy
- Added sound effect for Portal
- Added sound effect for Transfer Items
- Some dialog titles now use multiple lines
- Changed ownership of Garona to Player 1 (Red) for cinematics
- Some hints will no longer be displayed on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Can no longer see green Glowing Runes before going to the Secret Room in Karazhan
- Added visibility to some areas in Karazhan
- Added boundaries that block vision in some areas in Karazhan
- Replaced some trees in Karazhan
- Decreased height of selection circle of low-flying Gryphons
- Added static terrain/object shadows
- Removed stun when using Steal
- Improved effects when using Steal
- Increased scale of Khadgar's head by Cuore
- Fixed some typos

Chapter 1 - 19
- Added Player 4 (Strangers)
- Changed ownership of most hostile units to Player 4
- Khadgar's Pouch can now be dropped
- The Axe can now be dropped
- Replaced Clarity Potion with a Potion of Healing
- Changed quest requirement "Find the ceremony book" to "Find the ritual book"
- Added a Rune of Healing
- Added transmission about finding a Magic Stash
- Smoothed the terrain on the way to the Renegade Wizard
- The first conversation with the Renegade Wizard can now be skipped
- Decreased life of Gargoyles from 230 to 200
- Decreased Gargoyle base damage from 60 to 25
- Gargoyles will no longer use Stone Form after being left alone
- Decreased height of Gargoyles from 240 to 100
- Gargoyles are now targeted as ground units
- The Clockwerk Goblin is now moved back after repairing the Observatory
- Added special effects when creating the Ghosts
- Changed ownership of Professor Marvel to Player 11
- Replaced Shimmering Portal with Force Wall

Chapter 2 - 17
- Changed text some answers in the interviews
- Changed order of some answers in the interviews
- Added more answers in the interviews on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Both conversations with Moroes can now be skipped
- Increased talk range of Wraith in the Chapel
- Added bonus damage when Medivh attacks Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Medivh will now only teleport if he is below Khadgar or far away from him
- Enemies at the Library can now drop Wands of Chain Lighting
- The Battle music when fighting Medivh will now repeat
- Changed positions of Khadgar and Medivh when the final fight is restarted
- Added a camera pan to Khadgar when the final fight is restarted
- Game will wait until Khadgar is revived for the final fight before fading in
- The Resurrection Stone effect will now play when Khadgar is in his quarters
- Swapped position, models and icons of some Karazhan Books
- Old Khadgar will no longer run away in the Outland cinematic
- Added hint about fleeing from Medivh on Easy difficulty
- Decreased time for GoneMad quest from 80 to 70/75/80 seconds

Chapters 3 - 22
- New model for Bullfrog by General Frank
- Moved Bullfrom slightly to the south
- Added doodads around the Bullfrog
- Moved flowers away from Circle of Power at start area
- Khadgar will no longer turn shortly after the intro cinematic
- Changed unit origin of some transmissions during the fights
- The initial conversations with Lothar's men can now be skipped
- Moved Axe to the east swamp area
- The Orc Helmet and Orc Armor are now usable
- Added patroling guards at the orc camp on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Changed model of Log to Bundle of Lumber
- Added Water sound effects to the north east
- Can now skip the conversations about the force field and spying
- Removed some transmissions when being interviewed by Lothar
- Moved first question of second Lothar interview to first Lothar interview
- Moved second question of second Lothar interview to last Lothar interview
- Added more detailed titles to some Lothar dialog buttons
- Increased scaling of Skink from 1.0 to 1.6
- Changed camera movement for the last two interview answers
- Renamed "A Hero's Curl" to "A Champion's Curl"
- Added hint about attacking Lothar on Easy difficulty
- Added HumanVictory to the outro cinematic

Interlude - 1
- Changed some sound effects when Medivh is repairing the Telescope

Chapter 4 - 30
- Removed a pillar doodad in the Harbor
- All Tavern conversations can now be skipped
- Camera bounds are now restricted when inside a building
- Added Line of Sight blockers around buildings
- The bar citizens will now start attacking each other after the intro cinematic
- The Potions of Sensation can no longer be used outside the Observatory
- The Golden Tooth can now be used
- The Golden Tooth is now purchased from a shop on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Most conversations with the Honor Guards can now be skipped
- Decreased some wait time when being checked by the Honor Guards
- Changed icon of Mana Orb
- Replaced Fire Fighter transmissions with floating texts
- The conversations with Cutty can now be skipped
- Exclamation mark on Cutty will now be removed 2-3 seconds later
- Khadgar will now stop when approaching Lothar or the Honor Guards
- Changed camera pan after killing the Mutated Sheep
- All DuckMaylor conversations can now be skipped
- Added a hint about Flame Strike on Easy and Hard difficulty
- Conversation with Albert will not start until Khadgar is inside his building
- Swapped vendors for Bomb and Radar
- Fixed description of Banana
- Can no longer get behind the counter in the tavern
- Dialogue where Khadgar shows Medivh the Demon book can now be skipped
- Added additional hint about the Destroyable Fountain
- Fixed bug that prevented DoorSlam sound from playing
- the DoorSlam sound is now 2D
- Increased level of Albert Griswold from 1 to 7
- Added more blocking around the Workshop
- Can no longer use the Staff of Teleportation while on combat
- Removed "Wreak havoc!" hint

Chapter 5 - 15
- Added more options to the Observatory Detect dialog on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Garona will now use Mirror image when fighting Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Will now show fewer books on the floor in the Library on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Added transmission when Khadgar is missing an item to create Realm of Time
- Can now use/combine Secret Ingredient, Walking Stick and Favourite Book
- Camera will now pan to Khadgar after annoying Garona
- Added title to Observatory detection dialog
- Decreased time to hide the Spectre
- Fixed dialog button text for "Scroll of Mana Repair"
- Added Boots of Speed for Garona when being chased by Khadgar
- Improved Garona AI when being chased by Khadgar
- Khadgar will now comment Guzbah's death
- Added camera movement to the Interview with Garona when in RTS camera mode
- The heroes are now automatically moved during the Interview quest when a conversation is skipped
- Added pathing blocking for the Kitchen table

Chapter 6 - 28
- Removed some Portal runes on Normal difficulty
- Removed all Portal runes on Hard difficulty
- Removed Portal rune hint on Hard difficulty
- Improved AI of first Burrow peon
- Can no longer destroy Yellow Paint
- Added title to Orc Rider dialog
- Changed defeat condition "Don't attack..." to "Don't fight..."
- Moved Grunt to the first Chest
- Can no longer attempt to open the first Chest until the Grunt is lured away
- Added pathing blockers to some areas
- The Hungry Footman will now move closer to the edge
- Moved teleport region at the Sasquatches lightly to the south
- Game will now wait until drops the Heavy Bag before making him invulnerable
- Changed description of Heavy Bag
- Moved Heavy Bag drop spot to the east
- Garona now has to open a door to Khadgar at the prison
- Both Garona and Khadgar need to use the Portal at the prison
- Khadgar can now also use the Prison Key
- Replaced some pathing blockers with rocks at the prison camp
- The HungryFootman floating texts will now only appear if a hero is nearby
- Increased duration of the second HungryFootman from 3 to 5 seconds
- Decreased size of region when the HungryFootman transmission is played
- Changed hint about Warlocks
- Garona will no longer gain Water Walking when Khadgar turns into a Grunt
- Replaced a Potion of Mana with a Potion of Greater Mana
- Removed Magic Sentry symbol when deactivatingthe tower
- Added a Tome of Experience
- Added Magic Sentry ability to the Advanced Boulder Tower

Chapter 7 - 20
- Decreased level of Garona from 9 to 8
- Added more information to the Statue Combat Rules item
- Changed hint for the Statue Combat Rules
- The last page to the Song of Aegwynn will appear a bit sooner
- Added a Tome of Experience
- Tomes of Experience and The Song of Aegwynn Pages will no longer spawn at the same spot
- Tomes of Experience will no longer spawn if Khadgar is already level 9
- Added title to Garona dialog
- The Library Slime music will now repeat as long as Slimes are alive
- Added hints for the Library Slimes on Easy and Hard difficulty
- Improved description for Spanner, Gearwheel and Radar
- Decreased life of Statues and Medivh on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Added more verses to the Chapel puzzle on Normal nad Hard difficulty
- The Observatory List will no longer be created on Hard difficulty
- Can now skip all conversations in the Museum
- Can no longer trigger the conversation with the Chapel Swordsman while talking to him
- Medivh is now hidden until his cinematic starts
- Added transmissions "Cook..." and "Moroes..." when selecting them
- Added title to the BrowseBooks dialog
- Fixed size of multiboard for 4:3 screens

Epilogue - 1
- Added Cuore to Models and Skins credits

Primal Ascension in the Top Ten!

I'm proud to say that my map Primal Ascension has made it to the top ten of the Rock the Cabinet 2017 contest!

Players now have until Friday, June 9 to vote for their favorite five maps. The top five will make it to the finals and Blizzard will decide the places 1-5.

If you want to vote for me head over to the contest page and choose Primal Ascension and four other entries of your choice. If you want to play the entries first, you can find them by searching for their names on the Starcraft 2 Arcade. The Starcraft 2 Arcade is free to play. And yes, you can actually win stuff when you play and vote. More information on the contest page.

Announcing Starcraft 2: Primal Ascension

Primal Ascension is the name of a Starcraft 2 map I am currently working on. It is a co-op map for two players, intended as my entry for the Rock the Cabinet 2017 contest by Blizzard.

The contest deadline is April 26th, but you can already play the beta on the Starcraft 2 Arcade.

NA Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285094
EU Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/199343
(To use one of the above links search for "Run" in Windows. Start it and copy-paste the link into it. Press "OK". Start Starcraft 2 with the desired Server.)

Description: Amon has corrupted the Primal Pack Ascendants of Zerus. They seek to drain Dehaka's eggs to become the new Primal Pack Leaders. Protect the eggs and slay the Primal Pack Ascendants.

Gameplay: Players fight four unique bosses to prevent them from draining eggs near the players' bases. Each boss has its own abilities and is protected by 1 to 4 Void Crystals which are flo
ating around a boss and protecting it from damage until destroyed. To reach a boss players have to fight Terran and Primal Zerg. Occasionally an Ash Worm will spawn near the eggs, which can also drain the eggs. Bonus objectives include fighting endless hordes of Primal Zerg.

Video Link:

More Screenshots (spoilers):

- Voice acting will be added soon
- A few issues with AIs remain
- Some more polishing necessary

Visit the thread on to discuss the map.

Shadow of the Xel'Naga Version 1.03

I just updated my StarCraft II campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga to version 1.03. It's mostly bugfixes and some additional tooltips for some units. See below for a complete changelog.

Update 1.3 – 35 fixes

Chapter 1 - 7
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Changed text „tank enemies“ to „soak damage“ in loading screep help
- Added some No Fly Zones at the starting area
- Increased scale of Spider Mines from 1.0 to 2.0
- Fixed placement of some decals
- Revealer now covers more terrain when entering the Turrets area

Chapter 2 - 5
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Fixed ParamValue error for combined items
- Robo-Harvester will no longer flee when being attacked
- Added 2 seconds to camera pan when Octavia is inside the Robo-Harvester

Chapter 3 - 6
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Added highlight tooltip „Destroy nearby enemies to set up Psi Core“ to Psi Cores
- Added effect to allied units in the Beacon cinematic
- Changed order in which the Battlecruiser attack the Carrier in the Beacon cinematic
- BriefingUnitSelect effect will no longer appear on Dark Templar that have already been rescued

Chapter 4 -  4
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Air Mine and Slow Mine target beams are now removed after 5 seconds
- Air/Slow Mines and Point Defense Drones are now selected when pressing Select Army Units (F2)

Chapter 5 - 6
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Changed hotkey of Walk ability to „T“
- Fixed bug that prevented Octavia from opening the first gate if the Missile Turret was alerted
- Added table in the Intro cinematic
- Fixed AI for newly created Marines in Area 1

Chapter 6 - 2
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices

Chapter 7 - 5
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Fixed ParamValue error in credits: german localization
- The Supercharge dialog will now appear after Duke and Golding have finished their conversation
- Changed text after credits

Games I Played 2016

Life is Strange
2016 (22)
So, I played quite a few games in 2016 and I'd like to rank them. Keep in mind the percentages don't show how good the games actually are, they just compare them to one another. If you have an idea for a better ranking system, feel free to tell me.

-- - Civilization V --%
I got this one a birthday gift. While it's generally not a bad game, I didn't feel like playing it alone, but then Civilization VI was released and my friends moved on to that one, so I never spent enough time with it to rank it properly.

21 - Need for Speed: Most Wanted 71%
It looks OK and feels OK, but it's more meh than anything. It lacked the coolness of the original Most Wanted.

20 - Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster 72%
Basically the same as Resident Evil 1 with less backtracking and better inventory system.

19 - The Walking Dead: Michonne 74%
I used to be a huge fan of Telltale games, especially the Walking Dead series but the lack of gameplay and real consequences make it really boring.

18 - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 77%
In theory an open world Splinter Cell but its hard to get into the game world with almost no knowledge of the previous games. Also the controls are unnecessarily complicated.

17 - Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD 78%
Pretty much the standard Assassin's Creed game we've been getting since AC2.

16 - Assassin's Creed Unity 79%
Pretty much the standard Assassin's Creed game we've been getting since AC2 with good graphics.

15 - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 80%
Excellent visuals, Passable story and puzzles. Maybe a bit too much walking when you get lost.

14 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 81%
Not the worst game. Villain not as cool as in Advanced Warfare but gameplay almost on par. Cool space battles reminded me of Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars.

13 - Layers of Fear + Inheritance 82%
Mostly another walking simulator, but a few puzzles, really nice atmosphere and interesting story.

12 - StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops 84%
Some cool ideas with the stealth system and Frogger minigame, but each Mission Pack got worse, so essentially I am happy the SC2 saga is over now.

11 - Deponia Doomsday 85%
Even though the story was finished with Goodbye Deponia this one is probably the best part. Smaller areas with interesting puzzles, and crazy time-travel story.

10 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 86%
Gameplay is probably the best of any Deus Ex game, but the story was lacking real highlights.

9 - Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection 86%
Great effects, great atmosphere. Level design was a bit too linear in the first few missions but got better and better.

8 - Doom 87%
Really, really great feel to it. Loved the visuals, the music and the gore. Gameplay  was a bit simple, but then again it was great for being so. Nice boss battles.

7 - Batman: Arkham Knight 88%
I'm probably one of the few who enjoyed this game throughout. Had no performance issues, looks really good. Gameplay could have used the Batmobile (and especially the tank battles) less often but I was never really annoyed by it.

6 - Rise of the Tomb Raider 89%
Very nice visuals and improved gameplay from the last Tomb Raider with more climbing than fighting.

5 - Grand Theft Auto V 90%
An overall improvement over GTA 4. Better mission design, more memorable characters and better visuals.

4 - Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 91%
Love the return of the Commandos-style genre. Visuals look a lot better live than through videos. Level design was near perfect. Each hero was useful but not overpowered. Really liked the twist of the story in the third act.

3 - Overwatch 92%
Hated the game until I played it myself, but Blizzard has done it again. I've spent almost 500 hours playing Overwatch, and I haven't played a shooter that much since Counter-Strike 1.6 or Unreal Tournamet. Heroes feel like best-of-versions of other favourite games, e.g. Quake.

2 - Life is Strange 93%
Has the potential to have the best story I have ever witnessed in a video game. It's hard to say anything without spoiling, but it's so down to eart on one side, and then so crazy and emotional on the other. Gameplay is also  superior to any Telltale game that has been released since The Walking Dead Season 1.

1 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 94%
Every aspect of this game could be improved one way or another, but everything flows together so flawlessly, and it has so many memorable moments. I'm not that much of an RPG-fanboy, but Wild Hunt could possibly be the best game ever created.

Opening 418 Overwatch Loot Boxes

If you are one of those people interested in watching others open loots boxes for the game Overwatch, I got a very special Christmas Special for you!

Watch me open 418 loot boxes in this video. No loot box was bought. I've collected all of them since the release of Overwatch 7 months ago.

Happy Holidays!


The Last Guardian 1.04 released!

These past months I have been working on a huge update to my third WarCraft 3 campaign The Last Guardian. The update includes:

Improved level design!
- Merged numerous areas and their gameplay
- Less walking
- Improved visuals

Better camera!
- Smooth camera movement
- Optional standard RTS camera
- Added Fog of War and Black Mask

- Over 480 changes to gameplay and bugfixes
- New abilities

You can get the new version form the Downloads page on this site or you can go to Have fun!

See below for a full list of changes:

Update 1.04: 480 fixes

Level design and camera - 15
- Merged numerous areas and their gameplay
- Removed several areas that contained no gameplay besides walking
- Changed terrain for almost all areas
- Undiscovered areas will now be covered by a black mask
- Enabled Fog of War
- Improved terrain outside gameplay areas
- Added smooth movement to all cameras when changing angles/areas
- Changed almost all camera angles
- Improved camera movement in cinematics
- The camera will now always focus on Khadgar if he and Garona are selected at the same time
- Karazhan: Decreased number of areas/game cameras from 65 to 26
- Karazhan: Changed various connections between areas
- Karazhan: Changes to various doodads (e.g. color, scale, pathing)
- Karazhan: Decreased overall map size from 160x224 to 96x192
- Added cheat "camera" to switch between "adventure" and "strategy" camera modes

Heroes and spells - 39
- Changed hotkey layout to QWER
- Hero abilities level skip set to 2
- Khadgar: Decreased collision size from 32 to 24
- Khadgar: Attribute points are now retained when turning into a Grunt
- Khadgar: Added a special effect when turning into a Grunt
- Khadgar: Decreased maximum levels by 1 per map
- Khadgar: Changed attack  type and visuals of Grunt-Khadgar to melee
- Khadgar: Set experience gain to 100% until he has the minimum level for each chapter
- Khadgar: New passive hero ability Lockpicking that will automatically unlock pins on chests
- Garona: Decreased collision size from 32 to 16
- Garona: Added ability Focus (formerly known as Concentrate)
- Garona: New ability Transfer Items transfers all of Garona's items to Khadgar
- Flame Strike: Added info that it can damage trees
- Haste: Improved description
- Haste: Increased Attack Speed bonus from 20/25/30% to 35/45/55%
- Haste: Decreased cooldown from 20 to 15 seconds
- Alchemy: Can now be levelled manually
- Alchemy: Decreased cooldown from 5 to 2 seconds
- Alchemy: Removed info about penalty
- Alchemy: Quest items no longer cost additional mana
- Alchemy: Quest items no longer require a minimum ability level
- Alchemy: Will now always play a sound effect when creating an item
- Realm of Time: Is now part of the Spell Book acquired in Chapter 5
- Realm of Time: Fixed sound effect
- Portal: Is now part of the Spell Book acquired in Chapter 5
- Portal: Improved description
- Portal: Decreased casting range from 3000 to 1200
- Portal: Decreased cooldown from 5 to 3 seconds
- Portal: Units are now teleported by entering the associated regions
- Portal: Fixed a bug that moved units to the center of the map when entering a portal
- Portal: Decreased time of teleport effect
- Concentrate: Increased mana cost from 0 to 25
- Concentrate: Added level 3 which will highlight information and disable Fog of War
- Concentrate: Decreased cooldown/effect time from 10 to 6/8/10 seconds
- Concentrate: Renamed to Focus
- Steal: Added stun info
- Steal: Changed buff from Dizziness to Stunned
- Steal: Removed some effects
- Steal: Decreased cooldown from 15 to 10 seconds

Multiple maps - 26
- Renamed all gates in Karazhan to Karazhan Gate
- New model for Aegwynn by Chizume
- Decreased sight radius of cinematic gryphons to 0
- Replaced all non-Blizzard music with Blizzard music
- The music will now continue playing after winning a fight
- Decreased number of flickering textures
- Fixed duration of some transmissions
- Capitalized all golden letters in the Song of Aegwynn
- Decreased number of picked locks required to open mosts chests by 2
- Added floating texts to the Chests which show previous lockpicking attempts
- Fixed a bug that prevented resetting the counter of bad lockpicking attempts
- Selection will no longer be cleared when talking to people
- Fixed a bug preventing music from playing after cinematics
- Renamed all non-quest alchemy items
- Improved descriptions of all non-quest alchemy items
- Rebalanced all non-quest alchemy items
- Changed icons and models of some non-quest alchemy items
- Dialog titles will no longer disappear
- Added Chest Keys. They are hard to find but can open any chest instantly
- Selecting the Specter will now add a skill point to Khadgar
- Items sold by a Marketplace or vendor are now removed from stock
- Will no longer play the EnchantedCellLoop sound for vision cinematics
- New loading screens
- Fixed sound regions
- Fixed positioning of Circles of Power
- User control is now disabled less often

Prologue - 6
- Decreased overall map size from 160x128 to 96x128
- Decreased movement speed of Khadgar from 300 to 230
- Fixed Khadgar's movement behavior
- Fixed some doodad and terrain issues
- Increased Far Clipping of some cameras
- Decreased time of Aegwynn battle by 6 seconds

Chapter 1 - 35
- Decreased number of areas/game cameras from 39 to 15
- The Weeds transmission will play when the rocks have been destroyed
- The GotYou transmission will play when Khadgar fights the Bandits
- Added a transmission which says not to go back at the starting area
- The Axe can now be used when close to the Tree Bridge
- Removed a Brigand
- Removed four Bandits
- Removed two Kobolds
- Removed two mine fields
- The Bandit Lord will no longer be ordered to attack Khadgar
- Khadgar will no longer stop at the Chest hint
- Removed a Barrel of Explosives
- The weed will now burn faster
- Khadgar will now start at level 2 with no enabled ability
- Increased starting Mana of Khadgar from 0 to 100
- Khadgar's Mana will no longer be stuck at 100 until drinking a Potion of Mana
- Removed the Letter for Medivh from Khadgar
- The first Rogue will now drop Khadgar's Pouch instead of an Axe
- Khadgar's Pouch will give Khadgar various items and the ability to cast Flame Strike
- Will no longer hear a scream at start
- Added special effect when Zombie turns into a Wraith
- The top tower of Karazhan is now invunerable
- The observatory camera pan is now played in cinematic mode and more quickly
- Added a Wand of Chain Lightning to each of the Resurrection Stones
- Removed a Potion of Mana
- Added book "Laws of Arcane Magic" to the item shop, which explains "Sympathy"
- Added a hint about Chest Keys
- Increased range of region for the hint about picklocking chests
- No longer required to step away from the first Chest to retry it
- Added hint about switching between camera modes
- Can no longer destroy Page Two
- Removed fade out/in from the ship sequences
- Can now skip the first conversation with the Renegade Wizard
- Removed pathing blockers in front of Professor Marvel
- Khadgar's movement speed will no longer be decreased to 80 at the start of the Outro cinematic

Chapter 2 - 32
- Removed some dialogue from the intro cinematic
- The Guide to Beginner's Alchemy is no longer actively used. All information is now shown in its extended tooltip
- Some items required for the Alchemy quest are now scattered around Karazhan
- Removed transmissions about the secret ingredient and leaving the garden
- Return to Moroes is now a quest requirement
- Decreased size of regions where books need to be placed
- Added Circles of Power to show where books need to be placed
- Removed Library category Funny Books
- Removed a Rune of Mana
- Some killed enemies will now drop Runes of Greater Healing
- Enemies in Library will now spawn in groups of 3
- The Survive hint is now a required quest named Gone Mad
- Renamed book Animals and Plants to Races. This book now describes trolls and goblins
- The Races book is now placed just outside the Library
- Added a transmission that says the gate to the Botanic Garden is locked
- Fixed an error message when Khadgar carries only 1 Stick and tries to use it
- Added special effects for spawned Library enemies
- The Specter's item will now be created outside his living quarters
- Replaced ItemDrop sound with GoodJob sound when placing a book in the Library
- Removed spells from Voidwalkers
- If Khadgar dies during the fight with Medivh he will now be instantly moved to the Library after his resurrection
- During the fight Medivh will now teleport to Khadgar every 10 seconds
- Removed hint about being honest to Medivh
- Renamed item Alchemy to Glyph of Alchemy
- Most Circles of Power are now removed when no longer required
- Floating texts in the Library will now appear much faster
- Will now play the Warcraft 2 War theme when fighting Medivh
- Removed hint about using the minimap to orientate and navigate
- Added transmission about green and blue making purple
- Moroes reappears now as soon as Khadgar enters the Botanic Garden
- Will no longer change ownership of Old Khadgar in the Outland cinematic
- Vision of Khadgar is now shared with Medivh in the fight

Chapter 3 - 49
- Decreased overall map size from 128x128 to 96x96
- Decreased number of areas/game cameras from 46 to 15
- Increased fog Z start from 500 to 1500
- Will no longer hear death sounds at map start
- Removed Blighted Mist from Bullfrog
- Decreased time for Bullfrog Eating Fish sequence
- The Bullfrog Circle of Power is removed during the Bullfrog Eating Fish sequence
- Increased mana cap at map start from 100 to 125
- Decreased life of Spitting Spider from 400 to 300
- Replaced Felwood Canopy Trees with Felwood Tree Walls in starting area
- The Hurt transmission will now play two seconds after gameplay starts, unless it was triggered before that
- The Dangerous Fish can now be killed but will respawn
- Added a transmission which says to burn the trees
- Removed a Lava Cracks doodad
- Increased mana regain by Potion of Recovery from 200 to 400
- Removed fighting groups of orcs and humans and Khadgar's transmissions
- Removed Rune of Speed from first fight
- Removed a transmission by Khadgar when talking to Lothar for the first time
- The Axe can now be used when close to a Tree
- The Axe will now be removed when the player cuts down the second Tree
- Removed one of each unit type in the Corpses area
- Removed Glowing Runes from force fields
- Removed alternate route to Orc camp and a force field
- The Guide to Intermediate Alchemy is no longer actively used. All information is now shown in its extended tooltip
- The Keeper Statue is now a doodad instead of a unit
- Renamed A Hero's Lock to A Hero's Curl
- Decreased scale of Scout Towers from 5.0 to 2.0
- Created Logs will be given to Khadgar if he has enough inventory space
- Playing a sound when Khadgar gets a Log
- Increased Scaling Value of Logs from 0.6 to 1.0
- Decreased time until the hints for Lothar's men appears from 4 to 2 seconds
- The ItemReceived sound when a Vulture or Skink dies is no longer a 3D sound
- The War theme will now play before an enemy starts his transmission
- Added special effects when items and enemies appear for a fight
- Added a new transmission to a Raider
- Increased region for Color of Rainbows placement
- Can now skip all orc conversations
- Can now skipp all of Lothar's and Khadgar's conversations about Medivh
- Units are now properly removed after the MeetLothar cinematic
- Added Object Hints to the Trees
- Khadgar will be selected when turning into a Grunt/Mage
- The inventory will no longer be disabled as a Grunt
- Will no longer create an Exclamation Mark above Lothar after helping his men
- Removed hint about Keg of Thunderwater (now called Extra Spice)
- Decreased level of Blademaster from 3 to 2
- Removed Critical Strike from Blademaster
- Decreased level of Mirror Image for Blademaster from 2 to 1
- Added a Tome of Experience
- Increased experience gain from 50% to 90% at level 4

Interlude - 7
- Fixed some sound effects
- Fixed missing dialogue
- Decreased scale of Hammer from 2.0 to 1.8
- Changed owner of Medivh from Player 10 (Khadgar) to Player 11 (The Guardian)
- Increased life of all Fel Stalkers from 75 to 750
- Removed all Dragon Whelps
- Units will no longer die until triggered to do so

Chapter 4 - 51
- Decreased overall map size from 160x160 to 128x128
- Decreased number of areas/game cameras from 85 to 32
- Increased Far Clipping of all game cameras from 5000 to 6000
- Increased Far Clipping of some cinematic cameras from 5000 to 10000
- Removed Barracks and nearby units
- Removed all Lava Cracks
- Removed Fountain of Power
- Removed hint about going upstairs in the tavern
- Changed quest requirement "Get him to the mage quarters" to "Get Lothar to the Mage Quarters"
- Removed all triggers for street signs
- Removed four fountains
- Increased use region of remaining fountains
- Random Mob in front of Tavern will no longer be removed from the game
- The Exit Gate is now removed after the Intro cinematic
- Added a reference to another adventure game
- Replaced Circle of Power (Teleport) with a Way Gate
- Triggers for the Gambler Peasant are now used on The Bum
- Renamed The Bum to Jesse McGambler
- Decreased fight time with McGambler from 13 to 7 seconds
- Fixed water sound regions
- Renamed City Entrance to Gate
- The Exclamation Mark on Ismail will now be properly removed
- Neutral units will no longer wander around (except Creeps)
- Items are no longer sold via dialogs, instead vendors function like normal Marketplaces
- All vendors now belong to Player 3 (Merchants)
- Removed display items from shops in the Housing area
- Renamed Fountain Ruined to Ruined Fountain
- Replaced Elf Land Mine with Barrel of Explosives
- The Swordsmen will no longer move once the Firefighters have been called
- Decreased life of Fountain from 150 to 75
- Changed Race of Citizens from Commoner to Human
- The position of the Mutated Sheep will be reset whenever Khadgar enters Albert's place
- Added pathing blockers to the School area
- Fixed a bug casting Disease Cloud on Khadgar for 2 minutes
- Replaced Exclamation Marks from all vendors with Object Hints
- The Bandits gold coins will now spawn directly at the Chest
- Added Wander ability to all children
- The Tavern Entry hint will no longer run if the Mob has already been chased off
- Removed supports columns from unfisnished house in housing area
- Increased restart region for fight
- Removed a Water Elemental Missile sound effect
- Improved descriptions of various items
- Added trigger to deactivate the hint to the entrance of the unfinished house
- Decreased size of region used to talk to Lothar in the Tavern
- Changed owner of Workshop Peasant from Player 2 (Stormwind Guards) to Neutral Passive
- The Specter item will now be created at a spot in front of the Fruit Stand
- Added hint to select the shopkeeper to buy something
- Some citizens are now removed when Khadgar enters the Tavern
- Increased mana cost of Staff of Teleportation from 0 to 50
- Increased cooldown of Staff of Teleportation from 0 to 10 seconds
- Changed unit race of Mutated Sheep from Critter to Other

Chapter 5 - 65
- Will no longer hear Medivh dying when gameplay starts
- Renamed Red Key to Banquet Hall Key
- The Gryphons will be removed before the intro cinematics fade back in
- Renamed quest "The Messages" to "Order of Tirisfal"
- Renamed quest requirements "Deciper the first/second order message" to "Deciper the first/second message"
- Added hints to the dialog options of the "Order of Tirisfal" quest
- Added minimap pings for the entrance Chest and Medivh
- Removed hint "Check on Medivh"
- Added quest requirement "Return to Medivh" to quest "Order of Tirisfal"
- The hint to the second Chest will no longer appear if it has already been opened
- Increased scale of Sargeras from 1.0 to 2.0
- The Specter item will now be created at the Specter's position
- Removed transmission about picklocking the chest
- Moroes is no longer removed after going to the Storage Room
- Renamed Player 1 from "Vision Horde" to "The Emissary"
- Player 12 (The Guardian) will now treat Player 1 (The Emissary) as a neutral
- Player 1 (The Emissary) will now be hidden in the post-game score screen
- Order Messages will no longer have any charges left after being used correctly
- Can no longer enter the Observatory before getting the quest "I Spy"
- The Storage Room will no longer be closed after demolishing it
- Added an additional transmission that can play after demolising the Storage Room
- Will now play a sound when opening the gate to the Banquet Hall
- Renamed quest "Another Spy" to "You Spy"
- Will now close the gate when fighting Garona (and reopen it if Khadgar dies)
- Garona can now flee towards any of two directions when being chased by Khadgar
- The Nielas cinematic can now be skipped 4 seconds earlier
- Cook and Moroes are now removed after the Nielas cinematic
- Removed some wait time until Garona begins to attack Khadgar
- Increased collision size of Garona from 0.0 to 32.0
- Haste and the Inventory are now enabeld before Garonas is finished talking
- Changed hints about support column
- The Garona fight can now start while Khadgar is already inside the Banquet Hall
- Added two Runes of Healing when fighting Garona
- Will now play a special effect on Garona when she is moved during the fight
- Fixed a bug that set Garona's level to 7 when redoing the Interview quest
- Garona is now "rescued" when converting to Player 10 (Khadgar)
- Removed some dialogue when interviewing Garona
- Garona will no longer use Mirror Image
- The Demon Belt is now invulnerable
- New items and ingredients needed to restore Garona's mana
- The Demon Damage Amplifier will now add +200 to attack damage
- Changed ingredients for the Demon Damage Amplifier
- Garona's hint will no longer be played if her mana pool has already been restored
- Can now skip the Moroes Whistle dialogue
- Removed some dialogue between Medivh and Aegwynn
- Repositioned dialogue (floating text) between Medivh and Aegwynn
- Changed colors of Aegwynn's/Medivh's floating texts from green/red to red/dark yellow
- Removed Trap Frost doodads
- Can now speak to Moroes before wreaking havoc in the Storage Room
- Removed hint about Moroes not being in his room
- Removed some dialogue in the ReportGarona cinematic
- Removed Resurrection Stone minimap ping when starting the map
- Garona will now move towards a Gryphon when winning the map
- Will no longer create a Circle of Power in the Observatory to call the Gryphons
- Removed fog from Gul'dan cinematic
- Cook is now removed after the Gul'dan cinematic
- Decreased shadow image height/width of Emissary (Hooded) from 160 to 100
- Fixed a bug that prevented the update message for the quest "Revealing the Rift"
- The Inventory is now disabled for Player 12 after creating Realm of Time
- Combining the items in the Leaving quest will now create the Spell Book which is used to cast Realm of Time
- Added transmission about the Spell Book when Khadgar gets the Realm of Time ability
- Added a new transmission about combining Medivh's Grail with other items
- Removed Mana Bulbs from the Demon fight
- Added special effect to the appearance of the demon
- Added quest requirement Defeat the Demon to the Interview with an Orc quest

Chapter 6 - 60
- Decreased overall map size from 192x128 to 160x64
- Decreased number of areas/game cameras from 51 to 20
- Garona is no longer restored from game cache
- Khadgar and Garona will no longer be moved when encountering the Burrow
- "Thorough" comment will no longer trigger if a hero has reached the Burrow
- The Burrow dialogue can now be skipped
- Will now select Khadgar after turning into a Grunt
- Removed some Glowing Runes
- Fixed Garona's revive sound
- Increased hero level of Lothar from 5 to 6
- The defeat condition "Don't attack any orcs" will now appear with the Disguise quest message
- Khadgar and Garona can now cross water areas independent from one another
- Removed failsafe which moved a Water Walking item (e.g. Imbued Vial) to one of the heroes
- Water Walking will no longer be removed unless both heroes have had Water Walking
- Removed some Imbued Vials and Ethereal Oils
- Added Elevators that need to be activated by the first hero crossing water
- Removed a Stone of Ressurection
- Resurrection Stones are now activated and used independently by each hero
- Fixed animation of Resurrection Stones
- The Roasted Chicken item will now be dropped only after the two Grunts die
- The two fighting Grunts will now kill each other 16 seconds earlier
- Improved description for Give Item hint
- Removed the peon standing at the Chest
- Added transmission "I shouldn't..." if Garona tries to use the last Elixir of Water Walking
- Decreased movement speed of Warlocks from 270 to 1
- Warlocks will no longer flee from enemy attacks
- Decreased some wait time when teleporting enemy units
- Circles of Power will now become hidden when not required
- Added teleport effects when teleporting the Chicken or the Goblin Land Mine
- Removed hints for Mind Egg and Life Egg
- Moved the first Chest to the Troll area
- The first Chest will now drop Gold Coins instead of Imbued Vials
- The Warlocks at the Rider now carry an Imbued Vial and an Ethereal Oil
- Removed repeating Orc Rider floating texts
- Fixed an Orc Rider floating text
- Can now skip the Disguise hint
- Decreased attack range of Burrow from 700 to 500
- Octavia and Khadgar no longer share the same Resurrection Stone
- Removed fade out when being attacked while carrying the Heavy Bag
- The Captured video now starts immediately after pressing all switches
- A hero can no longer teleport to the Shop if he carries the Goblin Land Mine
- Glowing Runes will now play a death animation when their respective Teleporter is used
- Removed all Tomes of Experience
- Added a Tome of Intelligence
- Removed transmission about waiting for the other hero
- Decreased time between checks for the last bridge switches from 2.0 to 0.2 seconds
- The Troll Portal hint will no longer be displayed if the troll is dead
- Removed wait time for the Troll Portal hint to appear
- Replaced Northrend Trees with Fall Trees
- Goblin Land Mine explosion is now visible
- The guard carrying the cell key will now become invunerable after his key is stolen
- The Barrel of Explosives and th Goblin Land Mines will now be removed after being bought
- Wind Walk is now disabled while Garona is under the effects of Water Walking
- Added transmission for when the hungry Footman gets close enough
- Removed the wait time between using the Prison Key and opening the door
- The Disguise Again quest will no longer be marked as discovered when already completed
- Units will no longer move to a Portal before being teleported
- Renamed item Portal to Glyph of Portal
- Added transmission about the Spell Book when Khadgar gets the Portal ability
- Added failsafe if Khadgar gets Garona's Prison Key

Chapter 7 - 83
- Music will no longer be set to 100% for cinematics
- Music or sound volume will no longer be changed
- Player 1 (Vision Horde) and Player 2 (Vision Alliance) are now hidden in the post-game score screen
- Improved AI of rats
- Removed fire effect at the Library gate
- Replaced EarthquakeLoop1 sound with EarthquakeRock sound
- Decreased scaling of Spanner from 2.0 to 1.0
- Books borrowed from the Library will now be placed in Khadgar's inventory
- The runes at the Secret Door will now play their death animation when the Door is unlocked
- New icon for Secret File by kola
- Decreased time until Rats are being teleported
- Rats will now be teleported to random points in the Storage Room
- Rats will no longer move randomly if the Cheese item is in the correct area
- Will now play a sound effect when repairing the Telescope
- Will give Khadgar's Gem of Health to Khadgar if all seven Specters were found
- Khadgar will no longer be ordered to stop when using the Chapel Guide
- Will now play a sound effect when cutting the vines in the Botanic Garden
- Will now play a sound effect when the Orb of Nature is used in the Botanic Garden
- Can now drop useless books
- Fixed a bug that continued shaking the camera after skipping the intro cinematic
- Will now stop the Earhquake sound when skipping the intro cinematic
- Can now skip all conversations with Lothar
- Renamed Statue Combat Rules, Part 1 to Statue Combat Rules
- Will now skip the OldKhadgar cinematic properly
- Removed Runes from the Library fight
- Khadgar will no longer stop when speaking to one of the Statues outside the Museum
- The Circle of Power in the Banquet Hall is now removed when Rats have been teleported
- Will no longer place the Cheese automatically if the Rats have already been teleported
- Replaced all Tomes of Greater Experience with Tomes of Experience
- Changed description of Radar item
- Will now remove the Reverse Speech book once spoken to the Main Hall Statue
- The Statues will now speak with a proper portrait model
- Added special effect when a Library Demon is created
- Decreased volume of Vision sound
- Changed movement type of Rats to Foot
- Added spell animation to Medivh in the OldKhadgar cinematic
- Added more special effects to Lothar and Garona when imprisoned by Medivh
- Can no longer get the Reverse Speech Guide once the Examine All Statues quest is discovered
- Fixed a lexical error in the Outro cinematic
- The Chapel Guide will no longer be removed if another Book is chosen
- Removed fog effect from Stormwind cinematic
- Statue Combat: Decreased duration of first fake fight from 10 to 8 seconds
- Statue Combat: Renamed Paladin to Library Statue
- Statue Combat: Renamed Earthen to Observatory Statue
- Statue Combat: Renamed Garden Statue to Botanic Garden Statue
- Statue Combat: Changed melee weapons to missile weapons
- Statue Combat: Removed "Down" from the move options
- Statue Combat: Decreased number of combos from 16 to 9
- Statue Combat: Enemies now deal a fixed amount of damage
- Statue Combat: Khadgar now deals his own attack damage +50
- Statue Combat: Decreased hit points of all enemies
- Statue Combat: Changed counter-moves (e.g. LL now beats LU instead of RR)
- Statue Combat: Removed Statue Combat Rules, Parts 2-5
- Statue Combat: Changed item description and hints for Statue Combat Rules
- Statue Combat: Added multiboard which displays the health of combatants and learned counter-moves
- Statue Combat: Decreased number of moves each Statue can make
- Statue Combat: Changed color of draw from pink to yellow
- Statue Combat: Added special effect when Khadgar and the enemy are moved/removed
- Statue Combat: Decreased some wait time between attacks
- Statue Combat: The enemy will now repeat the last move if it won
- Statue Combat: The enemy will no longer repeat the last move if it lost or it was a draw
- Statue Combat: Moved the hint "Each Statue has new combos..." to the Combat Rules item
- Statue Combat: Will now play a DropItem sound when creating a page of the Song of Aegwynn
- Statue Combat: Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of pages of the Song of Aegwynn
- Statue Combat: The combatants will no longer heal
- Statue Combat: Khadgar's attribute points are now retained when he turns old
- Statue Combat: Added special effects to attacks
- Statue Combat: Will now create a Tome of Experience after each won fight
- Statue Combat: Added hint "Try to guess unknown counter-moves."
- Statue Combat: Fixed a bug not removing the Floating Text correctly when Khadgar died
- Statue Combat: Changed hint "...with all pages." to "...with six pages"
- Final Fight: Khadgar's items will no longer be removed
- Final Fight: Switched positions of Garona and Lothar
- Final Fight: Increased damage of Medivh from 56 to 59
- Final Fight: Decreased life of Medivh from 1000 to 800
- Final Fight: Increased height of the prison effect on Garona and Lothar
- Final Fight: Medivh's life is now set to 100% after the OldKhadgar cinematic
- Final Fight: Khadgar's life is now set to 100% after the OldKhadgar cinematic
- Final Fight: Removed reverse effect
- Final Fight: Khadgar will now forget counter-moves in the second phase
- Final Fight: It is no longer required to play the first phase if Khadgar dies in the second phase
- Final Fight: The Statue Combat Rules item is now removed at the start of the second phase
- Final Fight: Decreased hero level of Lothar from 10 to 9

Epilogue - 12
- Time of day now starts at 12PM
- Decreased time of day speed from 20% to 0%
- Removed dead Moroes, Cook and Medivh
- Added spell animation to Medivh
- Changed ownership of last Medivh from Player 10 to Player 12
- Renamed category "Idea and Execution" to "Design"
- Renamed category "Loading Screens, Icons and Miscellaneous Art" to "Icons and Additional Art"
- Removed category "Terrain and Triggers"
- Added Chizume and Oinkerwinkle to Models and Skins credits
- Added kola and Marcos DAB to "Icons and Additional Art" credits
- Removed EvilYardGnome from Models and Skins credits
- Removed Gary Jules and Michael Andrews from Music credits


Kinguin Overwatch - 300x250